2018 Finishes

January: Racetrack quilt

Racetrack quilt
and Fifth Chinese Coins quilt

Fifth Chinese Coins quilt

and Housetop quilt

Housetops quilt
and Chinese Coins II

Chinese Coins II  quilt

February: Chinese Coins VI

Chinese Coins VI quilt in yellow and white

and Chinese Coins VII

Chinese Coins VII quilt
and Ohio Star quilt (finished long ago but blogged about this month)

Ohio Star quilt with single star border plays with transparency

March: Bar 2 quilt

Bars 2 baby quilt

and Spiderweb 3

Spiderweb 3 quilt 

and Bars 3

Bars 3 quilt

April: Medallion Chinese Coins IV quilt

Medallion Chinese Coins IV quilt

June: Scientific Pinwheels baby quilt

Scientific Pinwheels baby quilt

Bars quilts

Bars 4 quilt

Color Study Chinese Coins quilt




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