Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Colorado, Chihuly and Two Finishes: Confetti and Log Cabin

My sister and I took a confetti class with Peg Collins a while ago and decided to actually finish one this year. Sister wants to include aspen, mountains and a lake so I used the same idea. It was easier than planning something myself. Half my luggage was batiks for these tops; my sister had a much larger collection and we still needed to buy specific colors.

Her well executed plan was to go to work one day leaving me to purchase more fabrics. This entailed two trips because I "didn't get the right aspen fabric" the first time. Good thing I love her to pieces!

Confetti Quilt - Cabin in the Aspen

We cut skinny little strips then cross cut them into itty bitty squares. Sister made fabric dust with some while mine were a bit on the large size. Each fabric went into separate piles on plates and trays. We sprinkled them across the batting making sure to cover it all. Think of it as something between dusting sprinkles across a cake and piping whipped cream on the cake. Bent nose tweezers came in handy to move specific pieces just a tad. Who'd have thought an eighth inch would make a difference?

I carefully cut the aspen trunks, laid them in place and added a cabin rather than a lake. Finally, I covered it with tulle and "quilted the heck" out of it.

Confetti quilt  - Cabin in the Aspen, details

Sister suggests I hang mine in the bathroom. That may or may not be a compliment but she's certainly channeling our mother. When we brought artwork home, clever Mother would admire it then say, "Go choose a place to hang it in the garage so we can look at it every time we drive in or out." We not only fell for it, we thought we were extremely special. Our friends only had a refrigerator for artwork. We had a gallery!

Aspen Quilt Details
Size: 14.25"(H) x 18"(W) 
 Pattern: Confetti quilt 
 Batting:100% cotton scrap 
 Thread: YLI nylon monofilament in the top, cream Aurifil in the bobbin 
 Quilting: Free motion

One of my husband's coworkers had a baby girl so I finished the log cabin star quilt, too.

Variable Star Log Cabin

Here are the final two choices for the binding. The brown looked good but not as fun as the blue batik.
Binding choices for Variable Star Log Cabin

There was some soft pink for the back. I used curvy free-motion quilting to enhance the cuddliness.

Back and quilting detail - Variable Star Log Cabin

Log Cabin Quilt Details
Size: 42"(H) x 42"(W)
Pattern: Log cabin
Batting: Mountain Mist Cream Rose 100% cotton
Thread: Lavender Aurifil 50/2
Quilting: Free motion spirals and flowers

Next, DH and I visited  Chihuly Garden and Glass near the Space Needle in Seattle. What an inspiring exhibit! Some of his installations were in Texas recently but I missed them. Don't be like me. If you ever have the opportunity, take it.

Although all of his work is fabulous, my favorites were some of his earliest Baskets, based on Navajo pottery and weaving. I loved the juxtaposition of these understated glassworks with native art.

Dale Chihuly glass Bowl with a Navajo basket

A wall of Navajo rugs at Chihuly Garden and Glass

Each room highlighted a different series of his work, such as the Sealife Room. For some reason this reminded me of Disneyland's ride "It's a Small World."  Happy, concentrated colors.

Sealife Room at Chihuly Garden and Glass

In  all the gardens, this was my favorite view. Fabulous colors in the plants and glasswork.

Chihuly Garden with thistle
Enjoy the day, Ann


PymaGirl said...

What a labor of love for the quilts. Beautiful!

DonnaDD said...

Love your confetti quilt; definitely worthy of showcasing anywhere in the house. Thanks for also posting all the other art.

Mel said...

Beautiful! I loved your childhood gallery story...precious!!

Ann said...

Thanks. Projects and classes are always more fun with family. And it's such a treat to make something for new babies.

Ann said...

Thanks. I'm glad you like the quilts and other art. I'm definitely visiting Chihuly again.

Ann said...

Thanks, Mel. WWhen we moved mother, some of our artwork was still in the gallery. Did we all laugh!

Janie said...

Great projects! 'Quilting the heck' out of it gives such a delightful texture, that is an important part of a quilt to me, the feel.
I always like the organic, living feel as opposed to the stiff feel.
Lucky you, getting to the Chihuly Garden! thanks for sharing the photos.

Susan said...

LOL! Where to hang your creations - too, too funny! If you choose the bathroom, make sure YOU can see it, not your husband, if you get my drift! I think it's lovely and needs a better place of honor. One of these confetti quilts is on my bucket list (along with eating a Pop Tart)!

Cathy said...

Oh, that confetti quilt looks like a lot of fun. I'll bet my grandkids would like to work on a project like that (even though our last project, sun painting, didn't exactly turn out).'s not called "outhouse in the woods" so I'm not sure it belongs in the bathroom.

And doesn't that star log cabin just look so cute and cuddly.

I've never heard of Chihuly. I'm especially fond of that wall of Navajo rugs.

And, clever mother, indeed! Too, too funny.

Mystic Quilter said...

Wonderful quilt for a baby and the quilting is super.
If I had known you were making confetti quilts last year I could have sent you a box which had been languishing here in a corner, I knew I should never make one and sadly they all hit the rubbish bin!
Stupendous exhibition from your photos and the Navajo rugs are amazing!

Ann said...

Thanks, Janie. I like heavier quilting than some but had to quilt the the confetti even more to hold all the little pieces in place. My photos of Chihuly are okay but their website has glorious ones.

Ann said...

Important point. I will make sure I can see it.

Ann said...

You're right. I think kids would really enjoy this. Just have the back, batting and tulle precut. Maybe even the confetti pieces (depending on their ages.)
I was so impressed with all the rugs, too.

Ann said...

Thanks, Maureen. We could have used more confetti, I'm sure. I've never had so much fabric for a quilt. And such a little quilt. Even though all was batik, the colors were often "wrong." More shopping. Sigh.
I've become another fan of Chihuly. Can't believe this is a permanent exhibit/building.

Katherine said...

Loving your confetti quilt and amazed at the process that goes into making this work of art. Sounds like fun!

I'm still chuckling over "When we brought artwork home, clever Mother would admire it then say, "Go choose a place to hang it in the garage so we can look at it every time we drive in or out." We not only fell for it, we thought we were extremely special. Our friends only had a refrigerator for artwork. We had a gallery!"

Ann said...

Thanks, Katherine. It was a fun weekend. We are a lucky family.

LA Paylor said...

charming!! I have a suggestion... hang it in my house.
Actually the bathroom is one of the most visited rooms in a house, and one where there is time to observe artwork! Leeanna

Ann said...

You, Susan, and my sister are such comedians. Although you're right about it being most visited room.

Rose Prairie Quilts and Farm said...

Your quilts are gorgeous. Love Cabin the Woods and that is one lucky baby

Ann said...

How kind of you, Kathleen. It was fun to spend the day working with my sister. A lovely memory.