2020 Finishes

January: Improv Hourglass baby quilt

Improv Hourglass baby quilt
and Improv Hourglass baby quilt 2.

Improv Hourglass baby quilt 2

The Square Deal quilt

Blue Lone Star quilt (#10)

May: Hatchet quilt
Hatchet scrap quilt 1
and Hatchet quilt 2

The hatchet block forms ribbons of color down the surface of this small quilt.
Hatchet scrap quilt 2

June: String Star

Diamonds of dark or light strings are sewn into eight pointed stars with a light center and a dark outline
String Star quilt

August: LeMoyne Star
LeMoyne Star

September: Turquoise and Red Lone Star

and String Tulip quilt

String Tulip quilt

and Ocean Waves 3

Ocean Waves 3 quilt

October: String Tulips on Blue quilt

String Tulips on Blue quilt

November: Placemat Kawandi 1

Placemat Kawandi 1

December: Placemat Kawandi 2

Placemat Kawandi 2