Tuesday, May 26, 2020

More Hatcheting

Every test in our life makes us bitter or better, every problem comes to break us or make us. The choice is ours whether we become a victim or victor.
~Lorenzo Dozier


Following my usual plan, I made so many of these blocks there's enough for a second quilt. This one  had even more iterations because they blocks had been culled once for the previous Hatchet quilt. First the blocks were laid in the order they were sewn.

Blocks laid out as originally sewn
Hatchet 2 baby quilt original blocks

At first I regrouped some streamers and removed the light blue ones on the right.

Moving peach blocks closer together, exchanging light blue and red blocks for more peach and yellow
Regrouping the Hatchet blocks

Next I switched short blue and yellow streamers.

Swapping placement of short blue and yellow streamers of blocks

Then took out four beige blocks to add yellow and moved the light green to the right. I thought this was it but the digital camera revealed a less than attractive center line dividing left and right, dark and {mostly} light.

Swapping beige blocks for yellow and moving the light green blocks to the right looks better but makes a sharp value division through the middle of the quilt
Still more adjustments to the Hatchet blocks

Tweaking the coral and green streamers resolved that issue.

Moving the coral and green streamers created the final layout of the Hatchet quilt and blurred the value changes across the quilt
Hatchet 2 scrap quilt

Having a few extra blocks made this possible. While not perfect I'm only using the scraps on hand, not going into the stash for more. Babies will like these graphic designs and I like clearing some space in my workroom.

Again the extra/discarded blocks make up part of the back. It always amazes me how well they work with each other and with the main backing choice.

Extra hatchet blocks form a line of Xs through the yellow background fabric
Hatchet 2 scrap quilt back

Parallel quilting lines, of course. The binding is a really bright carnival stripe.

Folded quilt shows parts of front, back, and striped binding of the Hatchet 2 quilt
Hatchet 2 scrap quilt detail

Quilt Specifics
Size: 45" x 45"
Design: Hatchet or Signature block
Batting: Mountain Mist Cream Rose cotton
Thread: Superior 50 wt grey cotton thread
Quilting: Parallel lines with walking foot
Approximate yardage: 5.625 yds

Of course I saved the waste triangles. And sewed them up, too. I'm that crazy. They will wait in the HST box until needed for a border.

Waster triangles from the original squares used to make the hatchet blocks as sewn into smaller HST blocks
Waste triangles sewn into small HSTs

The next troll through the scrap bag pulled strips 2.5" or more to cut into squares for a future Trip Around the World quilt.

2.5" squares cut from remnant of cotton fabrics in the scrap bag. These can be used for many different quilts including Trip Around the World
Squares for a Trip Around the World

A week's work ended with another baby quilt as well as additions to the Parts Department. Now there are just narrow strings ready for my next project which should start next week.

There was even time to sew a few more pillowcases, too. These are more enjoyable than expected. They are useful, look pretty, and use fabric that had become stuck in my stash.


Just in time for an online discussion, I found the History book club through MFAH which meets quarterly. Usually they gather at Bayou Bend or Reinzi but with the stay -at-home order they set up online, at least this time. And guess what? The book was Bill Bryson's At Home! So of course, I joined in. There's a list of previous discussion books here.

Monthly FUR (Fabric Use Rate) 
Nineteen pillowcases, six totes, and two quilts used 41.25 yards for May. Tracking my usage is salutary or at least, educational. YTD = 103.75 yards.

Enjoy the day, Ann