2017 Finishes

February 2017: Red and Yellow String quilt

Strings of scrap fabric in red and yellows are sewed diagonally to make blocks for this quilt
Red and Yellow String quilt
and Polka Dot quilt

Polka Dot block is a Drunkard's Path variation. White backgrounds, dark centers and bright rings form the quilt center.
Polka Dot quilt

March 2017: Pflugerville Chinese Coins quilt

Improvisationally pieced Chinese Coin quilt in turquoise, yellow, and white.
Pflugerville Chinese Coins quilt
and Thirty Year Sampler

Quilt composed of hand-pieced sampler blocks around a large compass medallion.
Thirty Year Sampler quilt

and Spiderweb

Scrap spiderweb quilt with light blue background has appliqued and pieced borders
Spiderweb quilt

April 2017: Neutral String quilt

Scrap quilt of diagonal fabric strings in black, brown, and white.
Neutral String quilt

May 2017: Tops only

June 2017: Log Cabin baby quilt

Scrap log cabin quilt with half-inch logs alternating darks and lights
Log Cabin baby quilt

July 2017: Scrappy Trip

Scrappy Trip Around the World quilt with red, orange, and yellow on the main diagonal
Scrappy Trip Around the World
and Memory quilts

Pinwheel Memory quilt

Broken Dishes Memory quilt 

Buckeye Beauty Memory quilt

Kansas Troubles Memory quilt 

August 2017: Tops only

September 2017: African Boxes (finished a  year ago but only posted now.)

Improvisational quilt strings boxes of skinny triangles on narrow lengths of fabric.
African Boxes quilt

and Strippy Nine-Patch

Simple nine-patch on point quilt with multiple pieced borders including Delectable Mountains.
Strippy Nine Patch quilt

October 2017: Strips 'n Curves
Drunkard's Path quilt variation uses fabric of one-inch strings to add depth. Black, white, grey, brown, and orange.
Strips 'n Curves quilt

and Phillies Baseball quilt (front)

Stick figure quilt of Phillies baseball players
Phillies Baseball quilt
and (back)

Freehand pieced words make Phillies baseball quilt back
Back of Phillies baseball quilt

and green Scrappy Trip with red

Green Scrappy Trip with red diagonals
Scrappy Trip quilt

and green Scrappy Trip with pink

Green Scrappy Trip with pink diagonals
Scrappy Trip quilt

November 2017: Improv pillows

Improv pillows

December 2017: Christmas stockings

Christmas stockings