Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Kaleidoscope of Butterflies 17 and Spiderweb Finish

I was sick during the show but finally found a way to take a photo of the entire Spiderweb quilt with decent colors. {The colors are the top are more accurate than those at the bottom.}

Multi-colored spiderwebs on pale blue background with vine applique, toile, and sawtooth borders.
Spiderweb quilt 

Each spiderweb contains fabric in mostly one color. Although there are other scraps, the outer row is a {fairly} uniform color to enhance the shape. They have simple webbed quilting which was actually quite difficult on a home machine in the center of the quilt.

Multi-color spiderwebs with pale blue star background
Spiderweb details

The borders were the most fun. I just let loose with triangles, vines, and cardinals. One sawtooth border wasn't enough. At the top and bottom there's a smaller sawtooth border inside the larger ones.
It makes a good transition from the smaller leaves to the larger triangles. Now I think it looks like fallen leaves.

Mulit-color spiderwebs with pale blue background enhanced with vine applique and sawtooth borders
Border details on Spiderweb quilt

One border mixed toile with vines. Why? There wasn't enough of either background fabric. What a fortuitous event.

Mulit-color spiderwebs with pale blue background enhanced with vine applique and sawtooth borders
Border details on Spiderweb quilt

The final outer triangles were simply outline stitched a quarter-inch from the seam lines in a darker green. The light green used elsewhere was too pale for these stronger colors.

The light green binding with purple dots looks good. There are so many details this quilt needed a very soft binding that almost disappears into the rest of the quilt. But I love the fresh look it adds with its variety of greens and purples.

Sawtooth border and feather quilting details

Just when I thought I was done, I noticed a small cut in one of the border triangles. No idea when it happened - before or after sewing. Fortunately, Stephie at Dawn Chorus Studio sent a scrap of print with some darling birds. I used Lara's method from her book, Crafted Applique,  to prep and sew it over the cut. Shh. It's our little secret.

Applique bird covers a small tear

I started this scrap quilt three years ago. This fall it was finally time to have some fun bordering and quilting. It's one I plan to keep for myself.

Quilt Details
Size: 95" x 99"
Design: Spiderweb
Batting: Mountain Mist Cream Rose 100%cotton
Thread: Aurifil 50/2, Guterman, YLI Invisible Nylon
Quilting: Walking foot and freemotion quilting, various designs

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My friend Joni made her own spiderweb quilt in blues and reds. Love the glorious colors and the charming kite with tail. It looks like her niece does, too.

Can you believe the number of caterpillars here? They extended for several yards along the Cumbres-Toltec rail line. I'm not sure if they were trying to migrate south or just emerged from eggs right there. What a swarm. How many will become butterflies? {Or moths.}

Caterpillars along the Cumbres-Toltec rail line

Enjoy the day, Ann

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