2015-16 Finishes

February 2015: Improvisational Round Robin

Improvisational quilt with marine blue shot cotton, red, pink, green, and white prints on a background of black, white, and red daisies.
Round Robin Improv Quilt

 and Bow pillow

A large blue print bow edged with mustard is centered on blue and white mattress ticking.
Bow pillow on mattress ticking

and Propellers and Planes

Steam Punk (airplane propeller) quilt blocks grouped in fours with sawtooth sashing of dark blue and white is bordered with chartreuse
Propellers and Planes quilt

March 2015: Improv Curve quilt

Improvisational quilt of large curves of pink, coral, cream strips with smaller touches of green, blue and red circle and loop across the surface.
Improv Curve quilt

and Windmills quilt

Brightly colored fabrics in red, orange, blue, chartreuse, black and white spin across the quilt in windmill pattern.
Windmills quilt

May 2015: Philadelphia quilt

Philadelphia quilt

and Tiger Stripes rail fence quilt

Tiger Stripes rail fence quilt

June 2015: Cowboys Fireworks quilt

Cowboys Fireworks quilt

July 2015: Zig Zag Log Cabin quilt

Zig Zag Log Cabin quilt

August 2015: Midnight Snacks Triangle quilt

Midnight Snacks Triangle quilt

and Confetti quilt, Cabin in the Aspen

Cabin in the Aspen Confetti quilt

and Variable Star Log Cabin quilt

Variable Star Log Cabin quilt

September 2015: one T-shirt quilt

Green T-shirt quilt

after another.

Black-and-white T-shirt quilt

October 2015: Lobster Boat quilt

Lobster boat quilt

and Chinese Coin Improv string quilt

Chinese Coin Improv string quilt

November 2015: Veteran's quilt, Rocky Mountain November

Rocky Mountain November veteran's quilt

and Peanuts Kaleidoscope quilt

Peanuts Kaleidoscope quilt

December 2015: Amish Gems scrap quilt

Amish Gems scrap quilt

January2016: Floating Squares

Floating Squares improv quilt
 and Improv Rail Fence

Improv Rail Fence
March 2016: Log Cabins, zig zag

Zig Zag Log Cabin baby quilt
and triangular
Fifth Log Cabin baby quilt
May 2016: a String baby quilt

Yellow and White string baby quilt

July 2016: a pillow using Lara Buccella's Crafted Applique

Selvedge string and Crafted Appliqué pillow

September 2016: Kaleidoscope

Kaleidoscope variation

October 2016: Kaleidoscope again

Suhavi's Stars baby quilt
and Folded Stars

Folded Stars quilt
and a Crazy Quilted box

Crazy Quilted box

November 2016: a T-shirt quilt

T-shirt quilt
and String quilt in green

Green string quilt
December 2016: String quilt in blue

Blue string quilt

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