Saturday, August 1, 2015

Midnight Snacks Finished

Midnight Snacks is quilted and bound. The straight lines are 3/8" from the seam lines. Very simple.

Midnight Snack quilt 

As usual, the quilting is much more visible on the back. The section of scraps adds some interest and extends the width of blue fabric ten more inches.

Midnight Snacks quilt back

More leftovers make the binding. They include the last scrap of the print fabric on the front,  gold fabric used in this pillow, and some cotton plaid seersucker.  It's such fun to create these simple bindings.

Midnight Snack quilt binding detail

Here's a shot of the quilt folded to show the binding better.

View of the binding of Midnight Snacks quilt

Quilt Details
Size: 48"(H) x 51"(W)
Pattern: One block - equilateral triangle
Batting: Mountain Mist Cream Rose 100% cotton
Thread: Gutermann cotton sewing thread in light blue
Quilting: Straight line with walking foot in a triangular grid

We drove through a shower last week and found a double rainbow on the other side.

Double rainbow

Enjoy the day, Ann


Kaja said...

Wow this is a mad quilt, Ann: it's got a real comic book look to it. I love looking at the pinwheels to see what they are pieced from and the pale stars and blue border work well as a balance for all the prints.

Ann said...

The design was printed in comic book fashion. I keep waiting for superman to come flying out of a design. Hmm, perhaps I should have added some superhero fabric instead of solids. I enjoyed watching these designs appear from a single fabric, though. At guild meeting, others have brought their finished quilts, too. What amazing results.

Teresa Duryea Wong said...

I absolutely LOVE this quilt. The colors just popl So cool. And the binding and the pieced back are great - so creative. I think you've nailed it. What a treasure.

Ann said...

Thanks, Teresa. Since it's a young boy's quilt I wanted unsophisticated fabric. It intrigued me that so much diversity came from a single fabric.

Stephie said...

Ann this is amazing! I love the way there's so much to find - like one of those Where's Wally? books! There are more colours than in the rainbow!

Ann said...

I hadn't thought of Where's Wally! You're right. I guess it's because the original fabric had comic book printing. Lots of junk food here if you can find it.

Margaret said...

That's beautiful! I'm a big fan of quilts with lots of colour and movement.

Ann said...

Me, too! Especially for babies and toddlers.

eleanor said...

Wow, that quilt packs a punch! It's a lot of fun to look at :)

Ann said...

I hope it will keep a little boy occupied, Eleanor. And that his parents won't be mad I'm introducing him to this kind of food.

Gretchen Wylegala said...

Fantastic quilt! Lovely!

Ann said...

Thanks, Gretchen. Everyone's quilt came out differently depending on the fabric they chose. A relaxing project.