2021 Finishes

 January: Kawandi placemat 3

Kawandi placemat 3

February: None

March: Hatchet III

Hatchet III quilt 

and two kawandi-style placemats

Placemat kawandi 3

Placemat kawandi 4

Hatchet 4 quilt

Blue Hatchet 4 quilt

April: Wheel quilt

Wheel quilt

and Improv Hourglass quilt

Red and Yellow Improv Hourglass quilt

May: Shadow Star quilt (king-size)

Shadow Star quilt with Vase and Vine border

and Red and Yellow Hourglass quilt 2

Red and Yellow Hourglass quilt 2

and Cross baby quilt 1

Cross baby quilt 1

and {almost identical} Cross baby quilt 2

Cross baby quilt 2

June: Cross quilt 3

Cross baby quilt 3

July: String Tulips baby quilt 3

String Tulips quilt 3

and Butterflies

Butterfly baby quilt

August: Trip Around the Block quilt

Scrappy Trip Around the Block quilt

September: Scrappy Trip

Scrappy Trip quilt

and the Giants baseball quilt

SF Giants baseball quilt

October: Postage Stamp quilt

Postage Stamp quilt with blues

and Scrappy Trip

Scrappy Trip

and LOVE baby quilt

LOVE baby quilt

November: DEAR baby quilt

DEAR baby quilt

and HOPE baby quilt

HOPE baby quilt