Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Blue Hatchets Quilted

The constant happiness is curiosity
~Alice Munro


Straight lines with the walking foot are one of my go-to quilting designs. They are relaxing, quick, and easy. There is something meditative about repeatedly halving the distance between previous lines. It makes a good time to think.

I moved the darkest set of hatchets to the center and divided the swans and goldenrod into two rows each.
Blue Hatchet  quilt 4

When some friends and I made a trip to Berkeley for Freddy Moran's Face the Year exhibit, we stopped by Stonemountain where I  purchased the back for a "future quilt." The day has arrived. It works perfectly with these hatchets and there was just enough leftover for the binding.

Front and back of Blue Hatchet quilt

Don't you love it when things work out so well? It's a good change from being a smidge too small... or yards leftover.

Blue hatchet quilt folded

This was supposed to restart my baby quilt stash but within a couple of days was needed for one of DH's co-workers. Actually, I love sending them to their forever home so quickly. While everything is fresh and new. So a sweet baby boy slumbers on it. 

Quilt Specifics
Size: 38" x 38"
Design: Hatchet
Batting: Mountain Mist Cream Rose cotton
Thread: Metler light blue cotton thread
Quilting: Walking foot parallel lines
Approximate yardage: 5.625 yds

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Somehow I haven't read Laurie King for a while but just picked up the next in her Mary Russell series, A Letter of Mary.  Archeologist Dorothy Ruskin visits Mary and her husband, Sherlock Holmes leaving them with an old manuscript concerning Mary Magdalene. When Dorothy is killed soon after, Mary and Sherlock question, murder or accident?

Monthly FUR (Fabric Use Rate) 

March came in like a lion. Two baby quilts and napkins used 15.875 yards this month. YTD = 17.875 yards.

Enjoy the day, Ann