2019 Finishes

January: Chinese Coins XI quilt

Chinese Coins XI quilt

and Color Study baby quilt

Color Study baby quilt

April: Hourglass baby quilt

Hourglass baby quilt in solids

June: Square Deal baby quilt

Square Deal baby quilt

Chinese Coins with Spirals

Chinese Coins with Spirals baby quilt

Chinese Coins with Bunny

Chinese Coins with Bunny baby quilt

July: Shirtwaist dress


August: no finishes

September: Lone Star baby quilt 4

Lone Star quilt 4

and Lone Star baby quilt 5

Lone Star quilt 5

October: Lone Star baby quilt 6

Lone Star quilt 6

and Lone Star baby quilt 7

Lone Star quilt 7

and another shirtwaist dress

2nd shirtwaist dress

and a collage quilt
Jane quilt

and a dolman sleeved dress
dolman sleeved dress
and Lone Star baby quilt 8

Lone Star quilt 8
and linen dish towels

linen dish towels

and the Farmhouse quilt

Farmhouse quilt - Log Cabin and split Ohio Star blocks

November: Another collage quilt

Clara collage quilt
and reprise

and the Roses quilt
The Roses quilt
and pastel Hourglasses baby quilt

Pastel Hourglass baby quilt

and Four-patch Nine-patch quilt 1

Four-patch Nine-Patch baby quilt 1

December: Four-patch Nine-patch quilt 2

Four-patch Nine-patch baby quilt 2
and the Froggy Star

Lone Star baby quilt 9 (The Froggy Star)