Tuesday, February 11, 2020

A Done Deal

"Ambition is enthusiasm with a purpose."
~Frank Tyger

When looking ahead there seem to be so many long, time-consuming steps to finish a quilt. Between that and anxiety about our quilting, it's no wonder we set tops aside. This one is finally finished. It's a perfect size to snuggle under during this cold weather. I'm keeping it.

Medallion scrap quilt has The Square Deal block in the center surrounded by a narrow, white inner border and an outer border of two rows of lattice blocks in shades of red, pink, blue, and green
The Square Deal quilt

As I mentioned earlier I divided the quilt into three sections: the Square Deal center, the sashing, and the outer border. After simple SID around the sashing, each section was quilted with its own designs. The sashing was the simplest - just wishbones - and that finished the quilting.

Wishbone quilting in the sashing of the Square Deal

Binding is the next step. I pulled several fabrics and laid some under the edge of the quilt to see how they might look. I thought light blue or green would work best but chose the pink.

Photo collage of fabric choices for binding The Square Deal: pink, blue, green prints
Binding choices for the Square Deal quilt

There was just enough. Only four inches overlap. How's that for using every last bit?

Binding pinned and ready to attach to the quilt

Here's a detail of the binding and back.

Folded quilt shows parts of the front, back, and binding of The Square Deal
Binding and backing for The Square Deal quilt

Quilt Specifics
Size: 71" x 71"
Design: The Square Deal (with leftover Chinese Coin units) and Lattice
Batting: Mountain Mist Cream Rose cotton
Thread: 50 wt Gutermann light blue, Metler red, and Aurifil white cotton
Quilting: SID, FMQ curves, feathers, wishbones, and parallel lines
Approximate yardage: 13.5 yds

The quilt started with some leftover Chinese Coin strips. Well, they weren't exactly leftover. The quilt they were supposed to become looked terrible. And there were too many to waste. And I didn't want to put them in the scrap bag because "I'm going to use it up now." Haha.

The lattice border was a collection of blocks that never got sewed up. I guess they were in the Parts Department that Gwen and Freddy espouse. They all fit together beautifully {only six extras were made for this quilt and you can tell which they are because the Xs are much wider} and reinforce my opinion that everything from our own stash will work together because we each have an innate and individual sense of color and pattern.

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We viewed an interesting exhibit at SF MOMA by Turkish-German artist Nevin Aladag who incorporates a variety of musical instruments into her sculptures. Here's a video of musicians playing her Resonator which includes drums, chimes, harp, didgeridoos, acoustic and bass guitars, and parts of a mandolin.

Resonator sculpture with Social Fabric:
Percussion in the background.
Both by Nevin Aladag

The wall hanging, which at a distance appeared to be a detailed painting, is composed of precisely cut rugs and carpets. {She must have a very sharp knife.}

The museum also has a room of Alexander Calder's mobiles with several of his sculptures on the adjacent terrace. This mobile entitled Double Gong includes two mallets which makes sounds when the wind moves it. {No breezes in the museum though.}

Sculpture and mobile by Alexander Calder

I first enjoyed Alexander's work at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago where we found the Catmobile. {Dada dada dada dada. Who remembers that theme song?}

Chat-mobile by Alexander Calder, 1956.

With all the reds and pinks, the Square Deal makes a lovely Valentine. I wish you all a Happy Valentine's this week.

Enjoy the day, Ann


QuiltGram said...

It turned out to be a very interesting quilt with wonderful fabrics. It’s also a quilt that I would have loved to be able to actually see the quilt as opposed to just a photo. By interesting, I mean that the quilt holds my attention for a long time. Yup, just went back to see it again and I would love to see it in real life. Congratulations.

gayle said...

This is a brilliant use of "leftovers" and really fun to look at. I too was surprised that the pink was the perfect choice for binding - green seemed so logical!

Julierose said...

Wonderful quilt and use of those "leftover bits" ;)))) It is so vibrant and pretty. Nice work hugs, Julierose

Preeti said...

That is indeed a snuggle-worthy quilt. Love the wishbone quilting.

patty a. said...

Congratulations on getting Square Deal done! It turned out wonderful. Way to go using up nearly every last bit of the pink for the binding.

Quiltdivajulie said...

We love Calder's work, too -- DH has made several mobiles and stabiles with his wood turnings. And I am SO glad you are keeping this finished quilt for yourself! It's wonderful.

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

A wonderful quilt! I love how you added spare parts from other things, played with it and made it all work.

Quilting Babcia said...

This is such a gorgeous finish, and it was fun to review the links to recall your process while making this quilt. Thanks for sharing your thought process as you refine your designs. I love to learn how others go about designing and making their creations.

Helen L said...

Great quilt!!

Mel Beach said...

What a fun way to play with your parts department!! I had fun looking for the newly made lattice blocks. Enjoy your new finish, especially with some of our chilly and windy weather!

Mystic Quilter said...

Congratulations on your finish of this beautiful quilt - I love all the colour here.

Kate @ Smiles From Kate said...

Beautiful quilt, it has so much life. I love the pink binding.

Marie said...

LUV, LUV, LUV!!!! I'd keep it too!

QuiltGranma said...

Such an interesting quilt!

Kaja said...

It's just lovely, Ann and I too am glad to think you are keeping it. It's also the perfect quilt to prove your theory about about the fabrics we choose to purchase.

Ann said...

Thanks. It includes lots of fabrics from my stash. Those are always the best; memories of who we were with, where and why we purchased them on top of the print and color. I will probably put this in our quilt show next year so perhaps you'll see it there.

Ann said...

Thanks, Gayle. I prepped those lattice fabrics for a workshop I couldn't take. They've been resting in the parts bin for a while. Aren't we lucky to have digital cameras. Things look so different through them. Without it I'd never have chosen the pink and I love it.

Ann said...

Thanks, Julierose. Isn't it wonderful to find the perfect spot for leftovers. So much better to work them into something like this.

Ann said...

Thanks, Preeti. The wishbone quilting is so easy in a narrow area like this.

Ann said...

Thanks, Patty. I'm so glad this one is done as it's become a favorite already.

Ann said...

I'd love to see DH's mobiles. The bowls you've show are gorgeous. He is very talented; mathematical and artistic. Such a combination.

Ann said...

Thanks, Linda. I'm delighted to find the perfect place for these blocks.

Ann said...

What a lovely comment. Just like me. I enjoy reading how people make their art even more than the result. At least, the background story enriches the work.

Ann said...

Thanks, Helen. I hope you are doing well this spring after all the fires and outages.

Ann said...

I don't have that much of a parts department but these were the perfect border block for this quilt. Looking back, I'm unsure why I was so confident they would work. The only solids are in the red/pink center. We enjoy it nightly and race to get to this quilt first. Our new favorite.

Ann said...

Thanks, Maureen. These colors draw me in and make me smile.

Ann said...

Thanks, Kate. That pink binding was the best choice, wasn't it? Always a surprise.

Ann said...

Thanks, Marie.

Ann said...

Thanks. I think it has unexpected depth, perhaps because of all the made fabrics.

Ann said...

Thanks, Kaja. It's a happy quilt. We can always use more happiness. And isn't it great to support my theories! I could easily get a swelled head.