Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Bordering the Square Deal and the Grand Canyon

Liking the microdot inner sashing, I was ready to sew the center together but decided to make a Churn Dash of the innermost triangles. The first attempt included very narrow pink rectangles {no photo} but quickly grew to squares for more presence. The extra pink balances the weight of the Square Deal.

The Square Deal quilt in progress: working on the borders

With that part looking good I sewed on the mermaid inner border before going to bed.

In the morning the quilt appears too dark and/or heavy with four black crossroad blocks in each corner. Reducing that to two made it much better but there's another, larger problem.

Where did the blue blocks go? The yellow, green and pink blocks in the outer border make a decent contrast with the red ones but have little relationship with the center strips and HSTs. Looking back at my original layouts, the darker border adds needed presence while the light blues make the center sing.

The Square Deal quilt in progress:
working on the outer border

So now I'm reworking the outer border.  I'm not done but it looks better.

On to the Grand Canyon

Despite a lifetime in geology, I'd never been to the Grand Canyon. So glad I made it last week, especially because it was off season {meaning the North Rim was closed.}

My visit started at the Desert View Watchtower. It highlights the Painted Desert  to the east and the beginning of the Canyon. Inspired by native art, the watchtower incorporated Pueblo designs and styles including native artwork on different levels.

The further west along the South Rim trail, the deeper the canyon and the more complex the carved channels. Eventually that appears to be all one can see. I never knew it was this size: 277 miles long, 1 mile deep, 3 miles wide.

Desert View Watchtower

Grand Canyon from Yavapai Point

Elk posed all over the park. While leaving a calf was casually nursing along the road but I couldn't get a photo. (S)he was so tall I doubt mom will allow that much longer. Two more cow elk from a harem of five grazed near the parking lot. The bull elk rested in the trees nearby.

Cow elk grazing near the
Grand Canyon Visitor Center parking lot

We're already planning our next trip. So much more to see.

Enjoy the day, Ann


patty a. said...

Are you making more X blocks to work in the border? I think this is a very fun and colorful quilt! I have never been to the Grand Canyon. I guess that needs to go on the bucket list!

Julierose said...

Your quilt is looking so good--I love how the center radiates outward...
I've never been to the Grand canyon--but have flown over it as a teenager on a trip to California--amazing site...hugs, Julierose

Kaja said...

I just looked back at when you first tried out the two versions of the X border - such different feels depending on what colour predominates. I'm sure you'll get a balance you are happy with. The Grand Canyon is high on my list.

Nann said...

Funny thing the way very scrappy quilts require design judgments. The center churn dash provides a great focal point. As I've read (and re-read) the posts about this quilt I have encouraged/convinced myself to slow down on my current design wall project and let the blocks sort themselves out.

Janie said...

Great progress sorting out the color and contrast!
Off season is a good time to visit the Grand Canyon, refreshing and

Quiltdivajulie said...

We visited the Grand Canyon for a few hours via a bus tour - someday we'd like to return when we can stay longer. I was content to sit on the stone wall of the rim and simply absorb the air, the view, the smells, and the vastness of it all.

Ann said...

I am making a few with the little bit of light blue in my stash but not many. The Grand Canyon is fabulous, definitely worth the visit. There are many ways to visit and see the sites: viewing stations and level trails along the rims. Of course, you can hike a mile down to the river... and then back up. Yikes.

Ann said...

Thanks, Julie Rose. This is working well. Taking time is helpful.

Mystic Quilter said...

Oh Square Deal is looking just glorious! One of my favourites Ann. The Grand Canyon - what a sight, lucky you fitting in a visit.

audrey said...

So interesting how just a little bit of a reshuffle can better balance out the colors/values. I am loving seeing this quilt come together. It tells me you are are doing better as I can see so much light and joy in this quilt.:)

Ann said...

Changing colors in the borders makes a huge difference. I'm glad I slowed down enough here to determine that the color is as important as the value this time.
I was one of the few Americans at the Grand Canyon. Loads of foreign visitors. Glad I finally made it and hope you do soon, too.

Ann said...

Slowing down has helped with this quilt. Minor details have outsize effects. Who knew?
And I keep reminding myself that I will just start another when this is finished so I might as well get all the enjoyment possible each time. Thanks for writing, Nann.

Ann said...

Thanks, Janie. I'm glad you visited So Cal before these terrible fires broke out and hope your son is doing well.

Ann said...

Amazing how much contentment can be found in that view. No hiking, no stress. Just simply looking at these rocks stretching to the horizon in each direction. Plus the air is so fresh and clear... relatively.

Ann said...

Maureen, you are always so kind. I like the colors in this quilt and am surprised how well they work together. It was grand to finally see the Canyon. Loads of foreign visitors; very few Americans. I guess we don't appreciate the nearby beauty.

Ann said...

I agree, Audrey. I'm learning from you to take the time to pinpoint what exactly doesn't thrill me. I particularly like how well the stashed Crossroads work with this design. We are all doing better coming to grips with our loss, but there are difficult times ahead. At least we are a close family... loud but close.