Saturday, November 7, 2015

Use Those Scraps and AHIQ #2 Wrap Up

Did you read the links in AHIQ #2? Such variety of techniques and processes! Everyone presented their work much more confidently. We are all embracing our path and our discoveries. Modern utility quilts are an official movement. Hooray for us!

After these last few quilts, the scrap bag is overflowing. Even though I want to work on the selvedge strings, the bag demanded my attention. (Weird. Sometimes all the leftovers must be dealt with before I can make myself cut new material. Note to self: consider donating the scraps.) What a jumble of wrinkled fabrics.

First they were divided into three groups: strings, hunks, itty-bitties. The hunks were cut into 3-4" squares without a ruler, paired and cut into HSTs.  If four are alike, they form improv pinwheels. If not, they are just HSTs. As the day wore on the starting squares became larger and more random. However, you can see I need practice making the center points NOT match up.

Random Units Created to Empty the Scrap Bag

Strings go to spiderweb quilt that I've been sadly neglecting.

Itty-bitties are paired up and sewn into slightly larger units. I'm not sure what to do with these; I'm just making a pile for now.

Eventually I found some large hunks that I rough cut into 4x5" rectangles to make Housetops (or half log cabins.) These are interesting. I'm going to leave them on the design wall while I think.

Improv Housetops or Half Log Cabins

Because they are rectangles, it's important to determine which quadrant they occupy. Compare the quartet on the bottom left and right. Oops, on the right. And the sawtooth triangles were made for the New York Beauties. But I forgot to scale the paper correctly when printing. Oops, again. They look good here, though. Nice recovery.

Lots of little bits will make a large stack and perhaps a quilt someday. AND my ability to cut straighter without a ruler is improving by leaps and bounds.

Enjoy the day, Ann