Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Making Leaves

My first thought was to use lots of colors for the leaves but I decided the cardinals would be bright enough. The vine fabric is a blue-green but most of my greens are on the yellow side. I pulled all the blue-greens I could find in my stash and scrap bag. A few are crazy prints that may or may not work out. We'll see.

Green and blue fabrics for leaves

Preparing fabric using Lara's book, Crafted Applique, took most of the day but this method is easier on my hands. {I needed physical therapy after my last attempts to hand quilt. I now limit handwork to prevent recurrence.} My previous work with her directions worked quite well but I'm curious how this will hold up to daily use. Frankly, I wonder how long any raw edge applique will last. {QS says it will last as long as I live. What a comedian. Also a good point. This is a quilt for me and that's how long it needs to last.}

Stephie and I traded fabric scraps last week.  I thought mine looked like some of her flags for Fete, the quilt she's making for her sister's birthday. {Aren't sisters a wonderful gift in themselves?} She thought hers would make a good binding for my neutral string quilt. Plus she send some extra Quilty365 circles with hand stitching. Lucky me.

Fabric scraps, Quilty365 circles
and a card from Stephie!

We took the train to San Francisco and saw this magnificent dome in Westfield Centre.

Emporium Dome,
Westfield Centre, San Francisco

Originally built as the Emporium Building in 1896, the first dome survived the 1906 earthquake but fell during the subsequent firestorm. The current dome was built in 1908 and restored about thirty years ago when the shopping center was built.

It reminded me of another San Francisco landmark. Almost forty years ago Neiman Marcus purchased the old City of Paris building with its glorious white and yellow stained glass rotunda. The dome was added in 1908 when department store was rebuilt following fire damage after the 1906 quake. Despite being listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the building was torn down in 1981. The new structure incorporated the original rotunda and is again a favorite city landmark.

City of Paris dome, Neiman Marcus, San Francisco

This dome reminds me of Sunshine by Monica at Lakeview Stitching. She handles yellow so masterfully.

Enjoy the day, Ann


Kaja said...

Sharon at indigothreads.blogspot.uk posted a quilt the other day where she used raw edge applique. It has been used and washed and while it is not unfrayed, as Lara's technique is supposed to stay, it has just a little fuzzy edge and still looks good, so I reckon there's a good chance of this one lasting you. I like your blue-greens. Those domes are splendid, especially the glorious yellow. And lucky you, getting some of Stephie's circles!

LA Paylor said...

they do not make domes like this today, so I am glad they were saved from ruin. And thanks for showing us beauty today. It's very gray and gloomy here right now. Browns, a dusting of white snow, gray. Sunny yellow was called for!LeeAnna

Ann said...

I'd forgotten I saw that. In fact, I've made a similar quilt and love the frayed look. But this time I've appliqued much closer to the raw edge. I don't want the edge to fray so that the applique starts to come loose. (I like to worry.) Anyway, I'm trying it this time and will see how it goes.
Finding Stephie's circles in the mail was such a thrill!

Ann said...

It's grey and gloomy here. Good day to read a book. Most yellows are so bright that I was very taken with these soft colors.

Mystic Quilter said...

Lucky you - Stephie's circles would have been a wonderful surprise. I do love the colours you have pulled for your Cardinals, I think one may be exactly the same as yardage in my stash - Jane Sassaman I think.

Ann said...

It was a delightful surprise. I admire her work so much. Isn't it fun to see "your" fabric in someone's quilt? They always use them so differently. What an education.

Monica said...

LOL, it does have the same golds and browns! But I do wish I'd used more white, like your photo. I need to get it quilted and washed, and hopefully I will like it more then.

I love the range of fabric you have for your leaves! They will definitely carry out that watercolour feeling of the spiderwebs into the border. Onwards!

Mary Marcotte said...

Such pretty fabrics you've pulled for your leaves. I can't wait to see what you do with them.

Thanks for showing the domes. They are stunningly beautiful. Too bad the historic building was torn down, but thank goodness that they saved this fantastic piece. It would be such a great inspirational piece for a quilt. I would love to see it in person!

Ann said...

There's something different about yellow and white in stained glass versus fabric. It will be great to see your Sunshine finished.
I like your phrase, watercolor feeling. Thanks.

Ann said...

There's a lovely dome at Louisiana's old state house, too. I enjoyed seeing it last year. All of these stained glass domes inspire me, too. When you go to SF, check the City Guides Walking Tours. Great way to see the area. Sponsored by the city library.

Lara B. said...

Ann, that is a bummer about your hands and hand stitching. I hope they get completely better as you take a break from handwork and I'm glad that Crafted Applique technique could help. It should do well, even holding up with the stitching close to the edge. Dana Gaffney washed her quilt six times and the Crafted Appliques are still looking pretty good.
That dome is breath taking. You find the most amazing places.