Saturday, July 8, 2017

Penultimate Great Debater Quilt

Simple quilting with the walking foot on the diagonals. There are two ways to do this: sew each diagonal alone or turn at the edge. Guess which one I chose? The quilt turned time and again as long as the "lesser" amount was to the right. Like my grandson I've turned in circles until I'm about to fall down. Now that the quilting is done I'm dizzy.

Scrappy Trip Around the World quilt

Yellow binding kept it from competing with the multicolored top. All the yellow bits in the leftover binding bin were used.

Scrappy yellow binding on Scrappy Trip

A quick wash and dry shrunk the batting enough to crinkle the surface. It's my favorite look although the quilt becomes smaller. Keeping it out of the dryer and blocking the quilt after washing will both reduce shrinkage, at times almost to nil.

After this, only one quilt remains for the Great Debaters.

Quilt Details
Size: 68" x 78"
Design: Scrappy Trip Around the World
Batting: Mountain Mist Cream Rose 100%cotton
Thread: Presencia cotton
Quilting: Walking foot 

Continuing our vacation, we drove by the Pinnacles near the Black Canyon. Both are great destinations but that wasn't where we were headed.  

The Pinnacles, Gunnison CO

This site on the Dolores River shows the arid environment and geologic outcrops that mark this region. Played out gold and uranium mines dot this region. Occasionally, the deeds have been purchased to rework the tailings but production here halted by the 1950s. 

Hanging Flume hangs above the Dolores River

We stopped to admire the Hanging Flume near Uravan, CO. This thirteen-mile hydraulic flume was built for a gold mining operation. The last five miles clings to cliff faces and is visible in both photos. Fantastic engineering feat but unfortunately, the gold was not recoverable. 

Hanging Flume

Our campsite was in the Uncompahgre National Forest. Colorado is open range which means the ranchers don't fence their cattle in; you fence their cattle out. This doesn't apply to any other livestock; i.e., goats, sheep, horses, llama, etc. Three cows grazed by the gate until I started to pull my camera out. Then they ambled off although one is still visible in the distance. 

Cattle through the gate

Lots of flowers such as wild rose and columbine bloomed despite the heat.

Wild rose and Columbine,
Uncompahgre National Forest, CO

This old mailbox has been repurposed as a book drop for the Nucla Library. Love the lively painting which should encourage anyone to read.

Book drop, Nucla, CO

Enjoy the day,  Ann


Ariane said...

What a beautiful scrappy quilt! I love it!

Quiltdivajulie said...

Gorgeous photos!!!

Julierose said...

Lovely quilt--I really like the yellow binding...hugs, Julierose

Monica said...

I love this style of quilting -- you are really tempting me to try it again! And I love all the colours, of course. :D

I also enjoyed all the scenery! Better cows than bears at the campsite, I guess. :D (I feel like there's a quilt in there...)

julieQ said...

Colorado! I was born 20 miles from the Black your reminders of home!!

Ann said...

Thanks, Ariane

Ann said...

Summer vacation always has great light.

Ann said...

I like these lighter. Orders and. Indings so much now, too. Plus always enjoy using the scrap bindings.

Ann said...

Better cows than. Ears would be a great quilt.

Ann said...

I have family throughout the region. Wonderful memories. Lucky you to be born there.

margaret said...

a lovely quilt I dread sandwiching and quilting part

Mary Marcotte said...

Though we've visited CO, we tended to stay nearer the tourist locales: we were young and afraid. :)
Your scrappy quilt is beautiful. That yellow binding is just the right color. What a smart way to continue using scraps but stay within your planned color. I really like the idea!

Janie said...

Great finish, Ann.
Thanks for sharing your Colorado pictures, awesome.

Ann said...

Sandwiching is not my favorite part either but it's not bad. Closer to a finish.

Ann said...

This is a native favorite, I think. But everywhere is beautiful in CO.
I was pleased there were enough yellow strips to make an all yellow binding. Love using up all these bits.

Ann said...

Colorado is a favorite. Plus love visiting family.

Shelina (formerly known as Shasta) said...

Your beautiful quilt reminds me yet again that this quilt is on my to-make list. Need to get some UFOs whittled down so I can get to that list!

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

A lovely quilt, the yellow binding is perfect with it! Great holiday pics too!

Mystic Quilter said...

Oh this is such a beautiful quilt Ann! Stunning photos from your Colorado trip and what a treat to see wild Columbine flowering in the wild, not forgetting the rose of course.

Kaja said...

Great photos - Colorado looks beautiful! I really like how this quilt has turned out; the scrappy yellow binding is a lovely touch.

Ann said...

I've been completing an amazing number of UFOs this year and part of this quilt was one of them. It's a good scrap quilt since each row needs a bit less than a half WOF. When I realized that was one strip from a fat quarter, I found loads more strips.

Ann said...

Thanks, Linda. It's been a good vacation.

Ann said...

I grow a few columbine at home but am always amazed how much better they are in the wild. Being their natural environment helps more than I realize. And I'm not the gardener you are.

Ann said...

I love the western US. Arid beauty. I spent years always putting dark bindings and borders on quilts. It's an interesting change to use lighter colors.