Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Christmas Stockings on the Mantle, Spiderweb on the Wall

Christmas Stockings
now decorate the grandchildren's mantle so I can share photos of these most recent additions.
Velveteen Christmas stocking with beads, sequins, jingle bells,.and events in outer space.
Velveteen Christmas stockings for grandchildren
Loud and proud. As usual.

Funny how frequently we forget all the finishing details. While it takes time, beading the ornaments isn't that difficult. But then you have to
  1. Attach them to the front,
  2. And add snowflakes or other details with reinforcing fabric on the inside,
  3. And sew the stocking together,
  4. And the lining.
  5. And shape the cuff.
  6. And bead names on the cuff.
  7. And cut the scallops.
  8. And make the hanging loop.
  9. And attach the cuff and loop and lining.
  10. And sew fourteen bells on.
  11. And package it so the velvet doesn't crease.
  12. And mail it before the rush. Oh, too late for that.
Somehow this reminds me of childbirth. Oh, how quickly we forget all the details there, too. And what bundles of joy at the end.

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Scrap Spiderweb Quilt
In the meanwhile, the scrap bag is filling up and I need a baby quilt. I had a few spiderweb kites and string triangles left from my own spiderweb. It seemed like it would be easy to make a few more.

Scrap triangles for spiderweb quilt
Here they are.

Spiderwebs laid out for a small quilt
Scrap spiderwebs layout

After adding twenty blue kites, some of the triangles seemed too dark so I changed them out. Now I have more leftover triangles, probably as many as I started with. Grr.

Blue stars added to scrap spiderweb quilt

I could have cut more blue but liked the white of the design wall better. And I had a bit of leftover white and pink print.

Scrap spiderweb quilt with blue and white stars 

Now it's partially sewn and I'm not sure if I should have made only blue stars. Ah, well. The baby will like it.

DH took me on a quick trip to New Orleans this weekend. Our flight was cancelled last week; snow closed the airport. With snowfall only once a decade or so, they don't purchase snow removal equipment anywhere in the state.

We breakfasted at Cafe Beignet. The chairs are duplicates of a set my grandparents owned. Their chandeliers had lovely prisms. The interior roofline reminded me of old subway tunnels.

Cafe Beignet, New Orleans

We visited the WWII Museum to see the newly opened Road to Tokyo section

World War II Museum, New Orleans

and finished at Sacred Grinds across Canal Street from the Hurricane Katrina memorial and in the middle of acres of cemeteries. They advertise coffee "good enough to wake the dead." It's the best coffee I've had in years; my latte was deliciously smooth. I'd be there daily if I lived closer.

Sacred Grinds Coffee Shop, Canal Street, New Orleans
Sacred Grinds Coffee Shop, New Orleans

Enjoy the day, Ann


patty a. said...

That is going to be a cute quilt! Making something out of leftovers is always satisfying!

Tammy Hutchinson said...

I love the string triangles-so colorful!

Nifty Quilts said...

I cherish the stocking my grandmother made for me as a child, felt with sequins and beads. Your grandkids will cherish these too!

Ann said...

Thanks, Patty. It's wonderfully fulfilling to use scraps, isn't it?

Ann said...

Thanks, Tammy. They are strictly from the scrap bag. So good to use them up.

Ann said...

It is a treasure to have stockings made by a family member. Always a joyful reminder in the holiday season.

Robin said...

Oh, the stockings turned out great! Too true about forgetting the lengthy details of making something. I'm in that dilenma right now as I'm making all the parts of Quiltville's mystery quilt. Lovely chandelier crystals, so dainty. The spiderwebs are so playful and bright. I don't know why I have never made a spiderweb quilt. I always love them when I see them!

Monica said...

The spiderwebs look great, and I'm sure it is not just the baby who will like it! Happy holidays!

Janie said...

The colors in your spiderwebs are cheerful, they'll make a little one happy and cozy.
Looks like a fun trip, good sightseeing and coffee!
Perfect Christmas stockings, nice work Ann.

Ann said...

I'm pleased with the stockings and hoping to get a head start on possible future needs. Ha.
The colors of On Ringo Lake look so lovely. I'm not a mystery quilter myself although I enjoy seeing what everyone makes. I will look forward to your results, too.
Spiderwebs are always fun. They go together differently than many think but no inset seams. A great way to use up scraps - an ongoing concern in my sewing room.

Ann said...

Thanks, Monica. I hope the whole family will like it.

Ann said...

Thanks, Janie. I think there are more bright fabrics in the scrap bag these days. The trip was fun; plus we saw my youngest. Yay! And I like the stockings, too, and am very pleased since I haven't made one in a while.

audrey said...

Very special stockings. Love all the detail! And another spiderweb quilt coming along as well! I do admire your style!

Ann said...

You're so kind, Audrey. I felt a bit odd discussing our family stockings but that's what I've been working on for the past two months. I enjoy figuring out what to put on them.
I think there are as many leftover pieces as when I started. Sigh. How does that happen so frequently?

Cathy said...

Those are about the coolest (is that still a word?) stockings I've ever seen. Even better that you made them for grandkids.

I like how you assemble the spider web quilt. No paper or other foundations involved? Did you cut your own templates? I've tried a couple of different ways of making spider webs but really wasn't satisfied with any of them but I haven't tried your method. My latest Spider Web UFO is being assembled Bonnie Hunter style with fixed size strings of 1.5 inch. Oh, and I like the mix of blue and pink centers.

I've only been to NO once and that was on a business trip by myself. I can't believe I went to the French Quarter by myself. I'm glad I did, though. If I'm with family and friends I like to visit places off the beaten path. Now I really don't like to travel much so if I want to visit a place I do it by computer.

Ann said...

Thanks, Cathy. My grandson (the only one who can talk) is very proud of his "own jingle bells" so I'm glad I still making them.
I drafted my own spiderweb pattern using a kaleidoscope ruler to make the triangles. What was left was the kite. Double check that both sides of the kite are congruent (same lengths and angles.) I cut that shape out and add the seam allowances as I'm cutting the fabric. Does that make sense? I tend to shave bits off paper templates with the rotary so prefer to add the seam allowance as I'm cutting. I never saw Bonnie's tutorial till I'd made my first one and can see how hers would be easier. But mine lets me play with fabric placement. The design is more forgiving than I thought but I am very experienced. So are you. It does need a border to control all the bias edges.
We stayed in the French Quarter but spent most of the weekend at the museum. Sometime I'd like to see what else NO has but I'm not much for nightlife.

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

Great Xmas stockings, I love all the little details :) And your 'spider web' quilt is looking amazing, love the blue & white combo, love anything that uses up those precious scraps actually!

Ann said...

Those stockings are so old-fashioned (or perhaps out-of-date) but I'm thrilled everyone still uses them and wants new ones for their kids. I think adding those celestial events helps keep interest going.
I'm always looking for ways to use up precious scraps. Not only do they cost as much per yard as the larger pieces but they remind us of other quilts. Just a joy to see them.
Thanks, Linda.

Mystic Quilter said...

Gosh, have I missed a heck of a lot of posts!!Loving your spiderweb, each time I see one of these I tell myself I just have got to make one - on the list for next year! Pleased you managed your trip, sounds like you had a wonderful time.

Ann said...

It’s always a joy to see one of the kids. I’d love to see your spiderweb next year - a great way to use scraps.

Marti said...

I love your spiderweb quilt! My great gran used to love making those and I've always intended to but never have. Do you make your triangles on a foundation?

Ann said...

I sew them on newsprint, starting with the longest strings. When the newsprint triangle is full I trim it with a kaleidoscope ruler.