Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Two Steps Forward and Three Back

Time is the coin of your life. It is the only coin you have and only you can determine how it will be spent. Be careful lest you let other people spend it for you.
~Carl Sandberg


All the border seemed to need was some quick FMQ but a huge problem arose. The bobbin thread pulled too tightly and then too loosely. It has taken the rest of the week to unsew this mess. 
Ripping out poor quilting stitches

Next week I'll try something else... right after I give the machine a thorough cleaning. 

But the stack of projects never ends and fortunately I have a second machine. This funny Outer Space Santa fabric has been in the pile for a year waiting to be made into an Aloha shirt for DH. He likes this style {although he's not as fond of Christmas prints as I am} because I see a family resemblance between him and the man in the red suit. It turned out well and is earmarked for his birthday. Woo hoo. One present down. Don't tell him.

Aloha shirts
Wouldn't you think I could relax and read down some of my book pile now? No. I decided to continue drawing down the enormous pile of "clothing fabric" and make a more sophisticated shirt for me. I should have left well enough alone. 

Reminder to self: patterns with photos on the front are always more accurate than those with fashion sketches. Funny. This looks just like an Aloha shirt. And about as much fit even though the sketch had lovely lines. 

The leftovers from each of the shirts now reside in the scrap bag. And I may have an idea for them.

We are working very hard to donate or recycle all our discards. An article last week suggested that all companies should be responsible for the entire life cycle of their products, including final disposal/reclamation. That would be much better for our planet than creating the acres of trash and ecological disasters we currently have. Like a VAT for end use, too. What do you think?

Like many of you, I watched Sujata and Freddy on The Quilt Show last week. What treasures they both are. Their books remain some of my favorite quilt references and I signed up for a workshop with Sujata late this year. Her suggestion of placemats resonated. I need some and they are just the right size. Can't wait for class.


Only 49 days till our election. The door for registering to vote is closing. Ask everyone if they are registered, please. And encourage them to vote. Our democracy and our lives depend on it.

Enjoy the day, Ann


patty a. said...

There is nothing worse than ripping out quilting. I hope the cleaning and maybe a bit of oiling solves the problem. That Santa in Outer space fabric is a hoot! It made a fabulous shirt! The floral shirt is beautiful too!

Julierose said...

Neat shirt finishes...I haven't made clothing since my children were small..(long ago and faraway now)
Anyway, I watched sujata too--amazing workmanship on her pieces and such an interesting take on setting up the piece from the outside in...I do want to give that a try, too.......
Take care, (don't you hate un-picking? Ugh!!) hugs, Julierose

Janie said...

Santa in Outer Space, funny! Unpicking is satisfying to me, it's part of the reality of any kind of sewing. My favorite home-ec teacher said, 'If you're going to sew you're going to unpick'. It's all about what thoughts you're allowing to go through your mind.
As Gwen Marston is known for saying, 'If quilting is so fun then why are we always in such a hurry to get it done?

Robin said...

I'm so sorry that you have to do all that unpicking. What a pain. I have a little Welsh Quilt that I made a few years ago and recently noticed a mistake in the middle of it. I need to unpick the quilting, reverse the strip, and then do the intensive quilting all over again. I know I won't regret do it over but it going to be a pain. I like your new floral shirt.

Pamela said...

I received my absentee ballot yesterday (I live in Japan). This is probably the most important election of our lives. I encourage everyone who is eligible to register and vote!

Nann said...

Hope the remedy for the mis-quilting isn't too onerous......Garment sewing: good for you! I made a shirt for my husband once...dark green gingham. There is a multi-type recycling drop off a couple of towns over. There's an electronics drop-off (computers/peripherals and dead big-screen TVs; once I saw an organ and once I saw an office photocopier). They also have steel bins for textiles. I bag trimmins and batting scraps and when I have a bunch, or when I have an errand in that area, I dump them.

Ann said...

That fabric makes me laugh every time. I will enjoy watching him wear it.

Ann said...

I hadn't made any for years either until a couple of dresses last year. The clothes I make fit us better and have better fabric. Sujata is amazing and so very kind.

Ann said...

Good point about unsewing. It's not too bad; just takes a while. These different Santa fabrics always make me laugh.

Ann said...

I love Welsh quilts with all their beautiful quilting. How frustrating that you have a mistake in yours. There is self-knowledge in recognizing what will bother us and what we can live with. Good luck with your repair.

Ann said...

Yes, I've been pushing registering and voting to everyone I meet. I should probably just make a t-shirt. Ha.

Ann said...

Oh, I like gingham and stripes. We have drop offs around town but they have limited hours with coronavirus and many are limiting the size of items. It's tough right now.

QuiltGranma said...

I love Hawaiian shirts or just camp shirts, but when I go to look for them they are in the men's section, and made of shrinkable fabrics! NOT HAPPY HERE, will have to adjust some patterns to make them fit this fluffy woman. Store bought shirts I bought in the last few years are cheap on fabric facings and hems of sleeves! OOPS< gaposis!

Ann said...

They usually are in the men's section. I like them, too, but I prefer my own cotton fabric. This one should last for years. I just thought it would have a bit more fit.