Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Dear is Another Baby Word

America is a nation peopled by the world. And we are all Americans.
~Ronald Takaki


DEAR is another FLW {four letter word} we use for babies. You have to read line by line. If you read counterclockwise, it becomes DARE. 

Dear baby quilt

The Coins are from the same set as LOVE but a couple of the backgrounds are different. 

This time I wised up and arranged the letters A and R so they have no points. It's much easier to sew when those pesky points aren't in play. Haha. There's another FLW.

Detail of letter E, spiral quilting, and binding

The print on the back has loads of cute baby chicks. It's a bit too narrow so a five-inch strip of bright orange was inserted. You know I had to put some brights in there. 

Back of Dear baby quilt

The binding is a remnant from our beloved sister's stash. I've been saving it for the perfect place but it fits here. She was a dear and would enjoy seeing a new generation nap on a quilt with some of her fabric.

View of letter E

A quick wash and dry and it's ready to gift to a darling dear somewhere. 

Quilt Specifics
Size: 45" x 45"
Design: String quilt
Batting: Hobbs Heirloom Premium Natural Cotton
Thread: Metler fine embroidery cotton thread in yellow
Quilting: Spiral with walking foot
Approximate yardage: 5.5 yds


Photographer Meddelin Chan works in the family business, wedding planning. She accidentally kills her blind date who won't take no for an answer. Dial A for Aunties is Jesse Sutanto's debut adult novel and she introduces us to Chinese-Indonesian culture as Meddelin's mother and then her aunts try to help her cover up the event. 

A cute, quick read that has been optioned for a Netflix movie. 

Enjoy the day, Ann


patty a. said...

Another very sweet baby quilt!

Preeti said...

Choosing to bring a baby into this world at this time is a daunting task. I DARE not :-) I will happily READ to my DEAR one though. Points are so pesky. Glad you got rid of them. I have a feeling you will be getting requests for more word quilts :-)

Quiltdivajulie said...

These are wonderful baby quilts - and I must look up the book you mentioned today. I've not read any of her work.

bumblebee53 said...

OOOOh; i love this quilt! the idea is brilliant and the background colors are such great choices for the coins letters. thank you for being an inspiration.

Ann said...

Thanks. Young mothers seem to like these pastel quilts.

Ann said...

I 'EARD several people ask for a quilt so I will probably be making more.

Ann said...

Thanks, Julie. This is her first book, I believe.
It was quick and entertaining in places. I think she will grow as a writer and intend to follow her progress.

Ann said...

Thanks. I'm glad you like it, too. It's fun to have an idea and run with it for a while. There are several more words on my list.

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

Another sweet baby quilt! I love your idea of using special words for these.

Kaja said...

I love this idea - do you have a store of suitable words building up now?

Ann said...

Thanks, Linda. I just wish I’d thought of this sooner.

Ann said...

I made a list but now that I’m making some, more pop up all over the place. That’s part of the fun of working in a series.

LA Paylor said...

what a wonderful gift. That book looks fun

audrey said...

Very cute! I'm enjoying this series a lot!:)

Mystic Quilter said...

One word for the latest baby quilt - Perfect!!

Ann said...

Thanks, LeeAnna.

Ann said...

Thanks, Audrey. I’m enjoying it, too.

Ann said...

You are so kind, Maureen.