Tuesday, August 2, 2022

AHIQ Palette Challenge Finished

Political correctness is not wrong, it is merely unfashionable. As the British broadcaster James O’Brien put it to those who resent having to suppress their  offensive thoughts: “Where would you like your sewage? In the pipes underground or flowing in the streets?”
~Nesrine Malik


Finished. Just a bit late but now I can move to the next prompt with a "clear conscience." The hardest part was deciding to only work from the sky.

Blanca Sunrise baby quilt

My pile had many bright scraps but the softer, grayed ones better matched the photo... IMO. Although the pinks are the brightest spot, even some of those are greyed. 

The back is {most of} the remainder of the blue and white stripe used on the border of Shadow Stars. The binding is a print from my stash.

Front, back, and detail of Blanca Sunrise baby quilt

Quilt Specifics
Size: 44" x 44"
Design: String quilt
Batting: Hobbs Heirloom Premium Natural Cotton
Thread: Aurifil blue cotton thread
Quilting: Spiral  with walking foot
Approximate yardage: 6.5 yds


Hot, lazy summer days seem a good time for re-reading. 

The Tearling trilogy by Erica Johansen is a fantasy series from a few years ago. I don't recall reading the final book so I started from the beginning. It's easier to read books with scary or gruesome parts than to watch it on the screen. Has anyone else read them?

Enjoy the day, Ann


patty a. said...

Such a pretty quilt! You did a great job of blending the colors and it does look like a sunrise! I like that striped back too!

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

So pretty. And sew hard to confine to those softer grey tones, but you have achieved it beautifully.

Robin said...

This is such a nice quilt. I can tell it took a lot of thought and comparison and rearranging to get such a cohesive flow of color. Well worth the effort!!!

Lisa in Port Hope said...

I love the use of the softer colours!

Cathy said...

All those colors and fabrics blend together nicely and do look like the color palette in the photo of the Blanca Peak sky. And what a lovely quilt you now have along with that clear conscience!

No, haven't read those books. I read more historical fiction than fantasy books.

Ann said...

Thanks, Patty. It's not quite like the photo. Once I got started it just took off on its own.

Ann said...

Thanks, Linda. It is hard for me to use such a limited and soft palette.

Ann said...

Thanks, Robin. It was fun pulling the colors and making the blocks. Now I think I could have sewn them to blend to the next rather than making them all and trying to put them together.

Ann said...

Thanks, Lisa. I'm pleased with the colors. It was fun to find a way to make pink and light blue the brightest.

Ann said...

Kaja had a great idea to use a photo. It made me use a selected set of colors and really look at things... even though I snuck some green in.
I read different genres in spurts. And I find I'm harder on the authors these days.

Mystic Quilter said...

Bianca Sunrise is stunning, a perfect interpretation of the beautiful photo you showed us, I love your colour choices here.

Ann said...

You are so kind, Maureen. I'm glad you're medical visits went well and hope you get back to quilting soon.

Nann said...

What a lovely blending.

Preeti said...

Oh you know, Ann, clear conscience is overrated :-D I am well-behaved at work. So kinda want to be wild at play ;-)

audrey said...

I've not been at the computer to comment very much lately so trying to catch up a little. This is a beautiful interpretation of your sky inspiration! I love the soft, moody feel to it.:)

Ann said...

Thanks, Audrey. I've been out and about more, too. It's great to be outside.