Tuesday, March 19, 2013

T-Shirts with Texas Mink

My children kept all their t-shirts through high school. Each had deep personal meaning and could never be recycled no matter how pilled and stained they became. Once kiddo went to college, however, they were never worn again. At last I had my Wicked Way! (Translation: T-shirt quilt.)
The eldest also had loads of hair ribbons, bandanas and other washable mementos. I decided to collage everything onto the quilt. The ribbons and bandanas are the foundation of the fringed border which my mother named Texas Mink. (Translation: Showy but not expensive.) The process took a few evenings but made the quilt so special.

Quilt of high school t-shirts sashed with blue plaid and hot pink posts. Border is a confetti display of Texas Mink fringe.

It turned out so well I made another when she graduated college. I think my Texas Mink has improved.

Quilt of t-shirts with aqua-blue sashing, pink posts, and Texas Mink fringed border.

Fret not; enjoy the day.



Unknown said...

Wonderful idea! You might consider showing a close-up of the "mink" border and an explanation of or link to how you did it.

Ann said...

Thanks for visiting and for the helpful suggestion. I'll put a tutorial together.