Monday, April 1, 2013

Radiant Nine Patches

How often has this happened to you? I was cleaning a closet and found a shoebox of leftover nine patch blocks in the back. Oh, I remember them! First is a stack of ten radiant nine patches in blue. The pattern was published by Blanche Young. Catherine and I made a queen-size quilt for an auction and these were my leftovers... twenty years ago. Although we had lots of fun I wanted to wait a bit before beginning another. It's probably been long enough, don't you agree?

All values of green, blue and purple are paired in this quilt of six-inch nine-patch blocks.
Radiant Nine-Patch quilt
Because it's a value study the x's and o's should be very low contrast as you move from light to dark. We used an analogous color scheme I want to try again although greyed colors were the style back then. I chose mostly blue-green, blue & blue-violet from my stash. To emphasize the value changes rather than the fabrics, the blocks finish 4.5 inches which means each small square was cut two inches.
This nine-patch block demonstrates using fabrics of similar value to create the radiant effect of the larger quilt.
Example of a Radiant Nine-Patch block

The innermost border is 1.5 inches of a lovely pink print while the next border is a half inch of blue and green stripe. The outer border is larger four-patch squares which shade from medium to darker values in the corners.

Three borders: a pink-backroung floral, a blue and green stripe and a large pieced outer border of blue, green and purple.
Detail of the border of a Radiant Nine-Patch quilt

This time I used metallic and rayon threads to add some shine. Since it looked aquatic, I quilted ammonites (I have to get some geology in here) and starfish with lots of waves and swirls.

A large ammonite is quilted in rayon and metallic threads.A large starfish is quilted with rayon and metallic threads.

It's still a lovely pattern, perfect for beginners too.

Fret not; enjoy the day.


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