Saturday, July 27, 2013

Steam Punk To-Be

OK, "The Plan" this year is to sort-finish-reconsider everything. Throughout the house; not just quilting. Scrappy Trips used up strips and scraps I already had. In the reconsidering category is adding white and making blocks with curves and diamonds. I have done both but not in quite a while.

I was contemplating various curved piece blocks when several quilters began posting Steam Punk blocks in such interesting fabrics. Stripes, plaids, large scale prints, conversation prints! Badskirt and Gone Aussie Quilting were some of the first I found. Reading Jeannette's blog led to the Steam Punk Quilt Along. More wonderful fabric combinations for this block. The quilt along started five or six months ago (definitely too late to join) until I read: "This is a no pressure, no time frame quilt along for those who would like to join in and share their progress." I gave in, joined up and ordered the pattern from Amitie Textiles.

I should have waited to order it because two quilts are still in progress and there's that "finish" part of the plan. My consolation was that it would surely take two or three weeks to get here from Australia. Wrong-o. It arrived in a week - faster than some items I've ordered in the States. So I'm drooling on the pattern as I quilt. At least it's a good carrot!

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