Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Flower Power Bullseye

This was the final bullseye quilt finished around 2006 using the leftovers from my first one. I wanted to see how Texas Mink held up over time and thought it complemented the raw edge of the bullseye blocks. It has lasted very well. The quilt has been heavily used, washed and stored in a chest for several years. The border has flattened. Washing reinvigorates it but it never looks as pristine once it's folded or washed.

Thirty-six bullseye blocks are arranged by color into four 'flower petal' shapes on a quilt with a Texas Mink fringe border.
Four-Square Bullseye with Texas Mink border in 2013

Strips of bright fabrics, ribbons and braids are used to make a fringed Texas Mink border on this quilt.
Texas Mink border in 2006
Fret not; enjoy the day. Ann

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