Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Four Patch Log Cabin Tutorial and Settings

Some people asked the directions for Four-Patch Log Cabin. It's an easy six-inch finished block using six fabrics. Here's a cutting chart.

Fabric Color       Number of Pieces       Cut Size
Bright A                       2                      2" by 2"
Bright B                       2                      2" by 2"
Black A                        1                      2" by 3.5"
Black B                        1                      2" by 5"
White A                       1                      2" by 5"
White B                       1                      2" by 6.5"

Four bright squares are surrounded by two black fabrics and two white fabrics to create this block.
Pieces for Four-Patch Log Cabin block
Using quarter-inch seams sew the four-patch together, pressing seams to one side and butting them together to finish the four-patch. Next sew Black A rectangle to the four-patch, pressing to the outside.

The four bright squares are sewn first;  then the first black rectangle is attached to begin the log cabin.
Partially sewn Four-Patch Log Cabin
Add Black B rectangle and again press to the outside. Double check that you are adding rectangles in the same direction on each block. Mine are clockwise. It doesn't matter whether they turn clockwise or counterclockwise as long as all blocks are consistent. Finally, add White A and finally White B, pressing to the outside.

What about the setting? Regular Log Cabins on point make a Straight Furrows set.

Log Cabins of light and dark scraps are laid out to demonstrate a straight furrow set.
Straight Furrows layout, log cabin blocks
When Four-Patch Log Cabin blocks are laid out the same way, they appear more like Streak of Lightning. Log Cabin blocks look like dark and light triangles. This block looks like a dark/bright square with a white L. That makes the difference in the layout.

These four-patch log cabins are set on point with red triangles surrounding them and a black and white striped border.
Four-Patch Log Cabin. Layout is Straight Furrow but looks like Streak of Lightning.
Here's one variation of regular Log Cabin Streak of Lightning layout.

Log Cabins of light and dark scraps are laid out to demonstrate a streak of lightning set.
Streak of Lightning set, log cabin blocks
The fabrics in FPLC are so strongly patterned that simple quilting seemed best. The black and white logs are simple straight line and ditch quilting; the bright squares are free-motion orange peel. I thought about heavier quilting but decided they should match the logs in density. There are lovely feathers in the bright red that don't show up. Finally, the border just needed simple echo quilting to highlight the prints. Sometimes less is more. But looking at the regular log cabins inspires me to use some of the designs Leah is using in her locks of hair. I'll have to sew these tops now.

Enjoy the day! Ann

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