Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Big Tex Star Quilt

Here's what I made with those last few Puddin' and Pie blocks. Just in time for the State Fair of Texas and another baby shower. What fun that this baby's quilt connects with his cousins' quilts.

Red, yellow, blue and white fabrics create four large star blocks and a secondary Churn Dash appears when they are set.
Big Tex Star Quilt

I decided to arrange the blocks to fit a star in the center. The four new blocks are twenty-four inches each.

Combining leftover Puddin' and Pie blocks with red and yellow fabrics created this original star design.
Big Tex Star block

I used a variety of free motion quilting designs in the lights and the blues, parallel lines in the Ts and curved line quilting in the stars and yellow fabrics. I also quilted the baby's name in free motion zig-zag in the border. It doesn't show much from the front but it's a nice touch.

Enjoy the day! Ann

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