Tuesday, December 24, 2013

More Log Cabin Baby Quilts

Just before Christmas a friend's wife gave birth to a darling baby girl. Their son is so excited! And I am, too. Here's the quilts I made for them. This one finished about 42" with those half-inch logs.

Dark fabrics ranging from black to red, blue and green compose one side of these log cabin blocks. The light side ranges from white through creams and pastels.
Barn Raising Log Cabin

This next one is about 64" square and has two-inch logs.

Dark purple, blue and green fabrics alternate with pastels to make this log cabin block.
Half Log Cabin

Here's a quick view of the backs. The one on top is one of my favorite Alexander Henry prints; so many lovely colors. The quilting is a combination of straight lines and feathers but I had to put some spirals in the border.

Straight-line, feather and spiral designs were used for the quilting.
Quilt backs

I pick a quilt block to use up scraps. Then I piece the blocks slowly as leaders and enders when I'm working on other projects. As they are finished, I press them and add them to the scrap block box. When I need a quilt, it's halfway complete. When I get tired to making one style block I choose another. Works for me. These blocks use light & dark fabrics. I'm about ready to start a new block using medium shades; they are overflowing my scrap bag.

Enjoy the day. Ann

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