Tuesday, January 7, 2014

San Francisco for New Year's Eve

We went to San Francisco for a short New Years vacation. California has good public transportation so we rode Caltrain into the city then switched to a streetcar for a short hop to the hotel.

In addition to cable cars, San Francisco uses a collection of vintage streetcars. The original date and location where it was first put in use is documented on each car. I have to say, the conductors are very patient and pleasant.

After unpacking, we strolled down the Embarcadero with bicyclists, unicyclists and scooter-riders. So many people, pets and wildlife out enjoying the perfect weather! This was my first time to have Dungeness crab. It's currently in season and so delicious.

Coit Tower pierces the blue sky to the left of the Transamerica building. Buses, cars and many people are visible in the foreground.
Coit Tower and the Transamerica
building from the Embarcadero.

Dark brown harbor seals rest on wooden pontoons while white and grey seagulls perch on the pilings as a large black and red cargo ship sails into San Francisco Bay
Seals, seagulls and ships 

Afterwards we took a pedicab back to the hotel where we watched the fabulous lights on the Bay Bridge over coffee. The ever-changing lights danced all night long. Crowds grew in the streets as the evening wore on but we had the best seats for the fireworks show at midnight. They are staged from barges in the Bay near the Ferry Building. Glorious!

The LED lights on the cables and supports glow against the dark sky and waters of San Francisco Bay. A yellow and green streetcar passes along Embarcadero Street in the foreground.
Lights on the Bay Bridge... and a streetcar below

Enjoy the day. Ann

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