Thursday, February 6, 2014

Razorback 2 Quilt: Log Cabin with Variable Star Border

I'm almost through with quilting! It's named for the University of Arkansas mascot since it's for a pair of alumni. While printed fabric doesn't show quilting as well as solid fabrics, straight lines on the red diamonds look great.

The feather is a new method for me. It's a gentle C-curve that just touches the previous feather and then it echoes back to the spine. It was very easy. While planning the stem I realized that any narrow design will work in that area. Since I FMQ spirals best I added those.

The quilting is a simplified feather of gentle c-shapes surrounding a stem filled with spirals.
Feather and Stem quilting detail

I chose Leah Day's FMQ Project Tangle of Lights for the border. It's more open than many free motion designs and the starlights complement the variable stars. The quilting is about the same density as the rest of the quilt too.

Free motion quilting starlights and loops in the border complements the variable stars.
The border is quilted with Tangle of Lights.
Notice the fine line of quilting that holds the
edge of the border in place.

Do you see the line of black thread at the edge of this quilt? It's helpful to stitch a straight line 1/16" from the edge of the quilt before quilting to hold the top in place so the edges don't catch on the presser foot. It keeps the border from developing tucks. I usually sew this in a matching thread but wanted everyone to see it in this photo.

Hopefully the binding will be done this weekend.

Enjoy the day!

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