Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Pins and Needles

Look what my sister gave me last week! This is such a clever way to store bent pins and broken needles until they can be safely discarded. It's similar to the Sharps container at the doctor's office.
A small pill box is used to safely store used pins and needles
Pin Case to safely contain bent pins and broken needles
Save the pharmacy pillbox when you fill a prescription. You can use almost any small container but the translucency of the pillbox lets you see what's inside. No one needs to open the box and risk broken needles scattered everywhere.

Mark the center top of the lid and create a small hole with a drill or hammer and nail. It should be just large enough to slide your pinhead through. To paraphrase a pest control company, the sharp items "go in but don't come out." Decorate the outside of the container by gluing ribbon and buttons. At least mark the container as "Sharps" to remind the household to keep it closed.

Each time a needle breaks or the pin becomes dull or bent, slide it through the small hole. They will all stay safely in this container. Discard the entire case when it's full. Now no one will worry about being stuck by or stepping on old needles! Even when you put it in the trash, there's no worry of a random stick.

Fret not; enjoy the day.

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