Sunday, November 9, 2014

NASA Ames Open House and Hangar One

Last month, for the first time in seventeen years, NASA Ames had an Open House. Many scientists were on hand encouraging youngsters to study space science by discussing projects like SOFIA , an airborne observatory. Basically a telescope in a 747,  SOFIA makes more accurate observations than any ground-based telescope.

A blimp base built on the site in 193 is in the process of being rebuilt. Every time we fly into San Francisco we see this building. It's also part of the setting for Here Comes the Navy, a 1934 James Cagney movie. I was determined to finally go inside.

Northern end of the metal skeletal structure of Hangar One.
View of Hangar One.

The metal skeletal structure of Hangar One with a star on top of the building.
View of Hangar One with sections of a Titan rocket.

The metal skeletal support structure of Hangar One is visible from inside the Hangar.
Inside Hangar One. This is less than half the structure.

Mission accomplished!

Enjoy the day, Ann

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