Sunday, November 23, 2014

SFO Museum - A Hidden Gem

San Francisco airport (SFO) is one of my favorite places. There's always an exhibit on the walkways to the terminal. The first time we flew in I thought it was a special event; the long walkway was turned into a museum with eye-level displays of sewing machines! What could be more exciting. One-hundred years of history of the sewing machine. My husband was very patient while I read each and every card.

Since then I've seen the history of the television, automatons, Japanese toys, lace, and artwork from recycled materials. What a mix. They were all so excellent that I realized the airport must have a curator. Not just that, I discovered the SFO Museum in the International terminal. It's closed Saturdays but since it's before security, you don't need an airline ticket to visit. And this terminal has several large exhibit spaces you easily spend a couple of hours viewing. Plan to arrive extra-early for your flight so you can enjoy their next exhibits.

Pop Art Music Posters from San Francisco
This time there were exhibits of Rock and Roll Postersworks from Tiffany and a small case with 1960's pop-art clothing. What a mix! The photos in the links are much better than mine.

Pop Art clothing from the 60's

Tiffany lamp

I can't wait for another trip!

Enjoy the day, Ann

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