Saturday, April 18, 2015

Philadelphia Borders

This quilt seems to need an inner and an outer border. I considered using dark red or double pink fabric similar to the one in the Ohio Star in this post... but then found a reproduction stripe at the bottom of my stash. There's enough to cut 4" wide strips for the outer border. The blue hand-dye is left over from Propellers and Planes. I cut it 1.25" (finished .75").

Reproduction fabrics in many colors alternate with muslin in this quilt.
Philadelphia quilt with borders, partial view.

Mitering the border went fairly well although some of the stripe intersections need adjusting. The quilt squares up nicely; my photos are just a bit off.

Mitered inner and outer borders
of Philadelphia quilt

The back is mainly a cream/brown/blue plaid enlarged with random brown fabrics. Bears are printed on the narrow strip. (I tried to find alligators.)

Back of Philadelphia quilt

The main seams are ditch stitched. I'm thinking about diagonals with the walking foot for the rest of the quilting.

Enjoy the day, Ann


Helen@Till We Quilt Again said...

What a great block! And the choices are great!

Ann said...

Thanks, Helen. It is a fun and easy block.

Lara B. said...

I love seeing the fabric in close up shots. Ann, that mitered corner is amazing - it is really hard for me to get strips to match up perfectly in a miter. The fabrics, pattern, and backing all make this look like it is a beautiful antique quilt, handed down in your family. Make sure you label it, LOL - It made me laugh to think that someday, a few generations from now, someone might mistake it for an even older quilt.

Ann said...

It is fun to see close ups and good overall photos. I'm not too fond of the crumpled up views. What a funny idea! More work for those quilt historians I'm planning to keep so busy.

Kaja said...

Wow, that mitered corner is perfect; that would take me days! I love the blue border, tiny but very effective.

Ann said...

The corner isn't perfect. But it may have to do. I love the blue border, too. It's a bit of Jonathan Shannon's hand dyed fabrics I was fortunate enough to pick up last year. There's still some left, too.

audrey said...

I've always been a fan of this block and your mitered corners are amazing with that stripe.:)

Ann said...

Thanks, Audrey. It reminds me of several of yours (although this one is much simpler.) I do like the striped border and wish I had more of that fabric.