Friday, May 22, 2015

One Lovely Blog Award

I returned from the graduation extravaganza to an email from Kaja at Sew Slowly. She passed a One Lovely Blog Award to me. It is a way to introduce yourself and interesting new blogs to readers. I'm always surprised by any award or prize. Now I've had both within the month.

Kaja's blog reflects her unique abilities - improvisational quilting, unusual fabrics, photography and an artistic eye for color and design. We first met online through her Little Elephant quilt. I enjoyed the developments, detours and explanations of this beautiful quilt.

Information about me.
1. With quilters on both sides of my family, there were always quilts around our house. They were loved and used to pieces. Double wedding ring, grandmother's flower garden, colonial ladies, dutchman's puzzle, Texas star, Jacob's ladder, star of Bethlehem, yoyo, and several applique quilts.

2. Petting fabric is a major occupation. I started sewing doll clothes at seven, made my first skirt at nine, first quilt at twelve and still quilt daily. Of course, I spent the weekends camping, collecting fossil specimens and hiking with my family... from babyhood. (Thanks, Dad.)

3. I'm a retired geophysicist who loves science and math.

4. I've lived on all three coasts of the US.

5. I drink iced tea with mint and lime, please.

These last two are similar to Kaja's.
6. I sing loudly (and slightly off key) in the car... or anywhere else.

7. Chili improves almost everything.

My favorite blogs share information - whether a creative process, a lifestyle or a book. I believe we build bonds of understanding and friendship when we learn about each others' lives, interests and situations. Many of my favorite blogs are in my sidebar. Here are a few in no particular order.

Stephie at Dawn Chorus Studio quilts, paints, and runs in Cornwall.
Simone at Rosellas and Lorikeets ranches in Australia.
Lisa at Ivory Blush Roses hand embroiders and beads in Colorado.
Maria at Tales of a Stitcher quilts in Alaska.

Thank you again, Kaja, for passing this opportunity to me.

Enjoy the day, Ann


Lara B. said...

Ann, in all this time I had not realized that you were a retired geophysicist...that is an amazing fact! It's funny, I met you and Kaja both around the same time, and just after I started my own blog. Whenever I think of improv quilting, i think of you two. You are a wonderful source of inspiration to me! Also I wanted to thank you for getting me to buy Sherri Lynn Wood's Improv Handbook. My perspectives have certainly widened since meeting you!
Have you ever tried a dash of chili powder in cocoa? Mmmmmm

Ann said...

I think we three met online about the same time. Thanks for the compliments but I consider Kaja an expert at improv like Sherri. She made a bereavement quilt years ago (maybe 2002) that is one of my favorites of all time. She was on the east coast then so I didn't connect her with the Sherri in Oakland for quite a while. Funny that!
Aren't blogs a fantastic way to learn from each other. Bill Nye said, "Everyone knows something you don't know." So true. I love reading generous blogs where the writers share their processes, successes, and failures. I quickly lose interest in those that only share sneak peaks. They are welcome to monetize their work but it doesn't interest me enough to wade through the "commercials." Oh, well.
We've always put chili powder in cocoa. I thought it was a regional (Southwest) thing until I watched Chocolat. Then I realized I was just insular. Learning all the time! Just don't use smoked chili powder. ;-)

Lisa Boni said...

Thank you Ann!

Ann said...

Thank you for writing such an interesting blog with beautiful work.

Cathy said...

Oh...I've been in several cq round robins with Lisa Boni. She is soooooo talented and does such beautiful work. I am lucky to have some of her stitching. (Where are all my round robin blocks? must look for them.) Geophysicist? Wow! I like the math part but science...hmmmm....

Ann said...

She is very talented and you are very fortunate to have some of her stitching in your blocks! Please find and post photos for us to drool over