Saturday, January 16, 2016

A New Kaleidoscope

Three of us decided to have a quilting day and we chose to play with kaleidoscopes: sophisticated fabrics for Gayle, whimsical for Joni, and a bright mix for me. Each of us brought a good selection then spent the day laughing, sewing and discussing. Gayle made a delicious bean soup for lunch. Joni brought a wonderful salad. I brought my appetite. Oops.

Kaleidoscope wedges by Gayle, Joni, and me.

This is some of what we finished by day's end. The biggest surprise was how much better all of our blocks looked together than individually. It emphasized the need to mix values and vibrancy.

Continuing my monarch butterfly theme, I plan to use orange, yellow and black... along with other colors, of course. I was determined to use this fabric - Tribal Lace Mountain by Zandra Rhodes for Free Spirit. It worked better once I decided to semi-fussy cut the strips.

One of the large scale fabrics
used in my kaleidoscope was
Tribal Lace Mountain by Zandra Rhodes for Free Spirit.

Can you find it in the blocks below?

Some potential kaleidoscope layouts. 

Here's my progress at the end of day two...

Day 2 progress.
and after day three.

Day 3 progress.
Enjoy the day, Ann