Sunday, August 28, 2016

Handing Down Quilts

I recently handed down two quilts. M-K organized a drive to help some families whose homes burned so Floating Squares went there.

As we were cleaning and reorganizing, Louisiana son found this older quilt and took it home with him. This photo shows the whole quilt but the colors are off...

Spiral Four Patch quilt

while this photo has truer colors but poor layout.

Spiral Four Patch quilt

Friends and I made the blocks in an exchange. They were a simple six-inch four-patch: finished measurements 3-inch square, two 3-inch triangles, and one larger 6-inch triangle.

The original plan was a barn raising layout with colors lined up on each row. That looked terrible, perhaps because most of the fabrics are dark. Moving similar colors into "blocks" made the quilt pop for me. Then I rotated the center of the barn to create a spiral.

Quilt Details
Size: 78" x 90"
Pattern: Fantastic Four-Patch
Batting: Mountain Mist 100% cotton
Thread: YLI Invisible Nylon (top) and Metler Cotton (bottom)
Quilting: Walking foot grid

I've always been pleased with this quilt; so glad to pass it on to another generation.

Kaleidoscope of Butterflies returns September 1. What have you seen and done this summer?

Enjoy the day, Ann


Janie said...

I've been cleaning and organizing too, as in dejunking and putting everything in storage, we're moving out! It's a good feeling, a lighter feeling.
It's great two of your quilts got passed on, I'm sure they will be used and appreciated.

Monica said...

I love the way you did this layout. That was a great idea to group like colours into blocks -- it really adds some glow to the piece. I'll remember that! ;)

Mary Marcotte said...

What an interesting layout. You must have used a design wall to keep everything going in the right direction. The colors in the second pic look very rich. I'm sure your Louisiana son will find lots of use for in a couple of months: January and February are wet and cold here!

Ann said...

I'm always amazed how much outdated junk we manage stuff away in our homes. I try to clear out every spring but it's hard to discard all these "amazing items I might use some day."
Enjoy your new life on the east coast with your daughter and grandchildren. I hope you settle in soon.

Ann said...

Thanks, Monica. I love the way these few bright blocks create a glow on this quilt. Grouping them magnified their effect. Otherwise the quilt was mostly dark blues and greens - a bit dull.

Ann said...

No, I didn't have a design wall back then. But I did lay it all out on the floor before sewing.
I'm so happy he wanted the quilt. I have too many to keep them all but still like them all.

Nifty Quilts said...

Wonderful quilt! I love the plaids included. You really did make it all pop with those lights.

Ann said...

Thanks, Lee Ann. Plaids make great quilts. This was a good way to make the few light/bright fabrics stand out.

Lara B. said...

The four patch spiral is beautiful Ann! It's funny how the colors show so differently in the two photos.

Ann said...

I could not get both the correct view and colors in any photo I took. Finally I just posted both. It was a good arrangement for so many dark, quiet blocks.

Kaja said...

I like how the plaids work in this one a lot and the colours are nice in both pictures, albeit completely different! How lovely that your son took the quilt home - I always enjoy the thought that our nearest and dearest are ending up with homes full of quilts. :-)

Ann said...

I'm not a very good photographer. Something was off on the colors in the first. The more I tried to fix it, the worse it became. Finally I took another although my helpers had left by then.
It is a deep, personal joy that all my children love quilts. I hope their children do, too. So glad to know yours have the same love.