Friday, October 28, 2016

Folded Star Quilt Finished

Making a public goal got this quilt done. It's in the mail. Hooray! There was no more of any of these fabrics. A remnant of another green made the binding. In fact, there wasn't quite enough so I added a slightly different shade visible at the bottom left if you look carefully enough.

Quilt of solid colored fabric of greens, peach, red, purple, navy and grey
Folded Star quilt

Last week I showed a photo of the spirals without the echo rows. Here it is again with echo quilting which makes the spiral stand out better. {The Ad Hoc Improv Quilting link is still open on that post. Kaja and I would love for you to join our study/discovery of utility and improvisational quilts.}

Detail, Folded Star quilt

Just another detail of the quilting. I wish I'd used grey fabric where the navy triangles are.

The center was quilted with a walking foot by eyeballing the width. The navy and grey areas are FMQ. Playing with curls, hearts, bubbles and stipple. I did mark the spine of the feathers in the outer border.

Detail, Folded Star quilt

Quilt Details
Size: 40" x 40"
Pattern: Folded Star by Cristy Fincher
Batting: Mountain Mist Cream Rose 100% cotton
Thread: Various embroidery and sewing-weight cotton
Quilting: Walking foot and free motion on a domestic machine

DH took me with him to a meeting in Pennsylvania so I spent a perfect day at Valley Forge. It was so warm; several locals were on the grounds reading and sunning. They must know winter is coming.

This is the Potts' home that George Washington rented at Valley Forge. The front door is almost a dog-trot; when open, air blows straight through it and out the back door. (Texas pioneers built homes with a wide open hallway down the middle to cool their houses.)

Valley Forge headquarters of George Washington

Here are some details of the rooms.

I watched Hamilton's America on PBS this weekend and was surprised to see so many places I've visited. Several were from Valley Forge. They seemed to be standing exactly where I took my photos! The program mixed parts of the Broadway musical Hamilton with background visits to various museums and historic sites. I thought I'd be disappointed that it wasn't the entire musical but the program was excellent. Hope you saw it or have a chance to see it... and the musical!

I'm dusting off my copy of The Federalist Papers to reread. These essays written by Hamilton, Madison and John Jay urged Americans to ratify our proposed Constitution and are still used to interpret the original intent of that document.
Rooms inside Washington's Valley Forge home

Ten to twelve enlisted men lived in cabins like this that have been reconstructed throughout the Park. Love the split rail fence.

Log Cabin for enlisted men at Valley Forge

The National Memorial Arch was built in 1910 and finished during WWI. Chiseled in it is Washington's tribute to his troops: Naked and starving as they are we cannot enough admire the incomparable patience and fidelity of the soldiery.

National Memorial Arch, Valley Forge PA
Enjoy the day, Ann


patty a. said...

The quilt looks great! Good job getting it done. I watched the Hamilton special too. Since it took Lin-Manual 6 years to write the piece, how would he have know to document on film his progress since he had no idea what a hit it would be? Maybe he is just that smart! The only place shown that I visited was Washington's house on the Potomac. I went with 215 eight graders to D.C., not as a chaperone, but they had extra seats left on the buses and sold them to parents. It was quite an adventure!

Nifty Quilts said...

Your quilt is beautiful! I like the colors, the mix of straight line quilting with FMQ, and the story that it's all made from scraps. Valley Forge looks like an interesting place to visit! I also saw the Hamilton PBS special and loved it.

Susan said...

Totally recognized this one this morning - good job on getting it finished with beautiful quilting! Mine is all together, including borders, and has been waiting to be quilted for the last 4 months. Unfortunately, I'm not inspired by it, and don't know what to do with it once done. Therefore, it sits. Sigh.

AmyScrapSpot said...

What a fun day exploring!
Your quilt is goregous! I love the colors just as they are and the quilting is fantastic!

Ann said...

I read he made the documentary just before he and the original actors left the play so perhaps it was made in the last few years. Although I noticed his hairstyle had changed a lot... Well, if I ever played at the White House, I'd start taking film clips of my work.
What fun to see Mount Vernon as an adult. I haven't been since junior high. Need to visit again soon. Valley Forge was fantastic on a slow mid-week day in fall. I'll bet Mount Vernon is much more crowded all the time.

Ann said...

Thanks, Lee Ann. Just the binding, red, and navy were scraps. It's simply that I forgot to save something for the binding so had to root around or head back to the store.
The PBS special was a great way to spend an evening. I'll understand the musical more from seeing it.

Ann said...

This works well as a baby quilt and that's what encouraged me to finish it. Learning her glue basting technique was worthwhile but I'm glad the quilt wasn't any larger. Don't you give baby quilts to young friends? Find one to gift this to and move it out of your house. I look forward to a rapid "removal." ;-)

Gemini Jen NZ said...

I love seeing historical houses and locations! Your quilt is very cool, great work on the quilting. I need to do more feathers practice.

Ann said...

Thanks, Amy. Putting unexpected colors together is a treat, isn't it? I kind of wish I'd used some fancier fills between the rows of parallel stitching but needed to get this one out. This finish should be softer for a baby and that's it's use.

Ann said...

We're two of a kind, Jen. My kids always make fun of the way I "stop for all historical markers." Who wants to do anything else when there's houses and parks to visit?
Feathers are my favorite but I think I do spirals best. Everyone has a design that is most natural to them.

Myra @ Busy Hands Quilts said...

Amazing history there. Your quilts are spot on in design, fabric, and quilting! I'd love to have you link up to Finished or Not Fridays each week!

Mary Marcotte said...

You get another Whoop Whoop from me! I love the quilt and your quilting!
Enjoyed your history lesson and pictures. We love visiting and touring old houses.

Kaja said...

I love history! My favourite thing as a kid was to be taken to a stately home and left to wander. I love how your quilt turned out: I like the colours and the quilt designs, especially the feathers!

KaHolly said...

Delightful quiltlet. Always love an opportunity to learn. That goes for history, too! Enjoyed the pics of Valley Forge!

LA Paylor said...

Great finish. Congrats! I watched the special too and it was so informative and well done. I thin Lin might have been Hamilton in his past life. He has changed the face of theater in a way. He is also reminding us to take care with our govt not to destroy our fundamental beliefs as Americans and it could happen.
You were so close to me, relatively speaking. I'm in MD about two hours from Valley Forge and it's a beautiful park. I can imagine how the energy was different back when our future as a country was a stake, and the general wasn't sure of the outcome. Soldiers put faith in leadership and are our muscles, leaders the brains, and our constitution is our backbone.
Thanks for a beautiful post! LeeAnna

Grandma said...

The quilt is awesome! Thanks for the pictures of Valley Forge

Claire said...

I love the skinny triangles. I can see where gray would extend the background, but I like the navy triangles. They are balanced and they make the star "burst" the boundaries.Claire aka knitnkwilt

Monica said...

I love your quilting on this, Ann. It is a really nice, balanced mix of techniques. And Valley Forge looks like a great place to visit. One to remember!

Janie said...

Ann I like the navy blue, it makes a statement. Thanks for sharing your photos, and the George Washington tribute, we have so much to be thankful for.

Ann said...

Thanks for writing, Myra. Cristy and her mother have an easy way to glue baste their designs. It was an educational workshop; now to figure out my patterns with their method. ;-)

Ann said...

Aren't old houses the best? Especially when they have the original furniture in them. This was a good pattern to learn their method. I didn't get the center as accurate as I'd like but... And it's finished!

Ann said...

It is always fun to wander through old buildings and homes for me, too.
Feathers are fun to quilt although I think of spirals as my "natural" quilting design.

Ann said...

You're right. These baby quilts make a great place to practice something new.
There are so many interesting places to visit. I'll never see them all but each opportunity is welcome.

Ann said...

What a well written post, LeeAnna.
Lin's masterpiece has renewed musicals. What an exciting work. And so pertinent to our current situation. You're right. The constitution is our backbone. I hope our voting turnout this year tops 80%. Every citizen needs to vote.
Next time I'll send you an email to see if we can meet.
Thanks for writing.

Ann said...

Thank you for writing. I'm glad you liked it.

Ann said...

Thanks, Monica. I considered repeating spirals or feathers on the two borders but like the variation better.
It was the perfect day to visit Valley Forge and there is so much more to it.

Ann said...

Thanks, Claire. I looked at the photo again and see what you mean about star burst. Always good to have it turn out better than expected.

Ann said...

Thanks, Janie. Navy added some needed depth but I thought I'd misplaced some. Looking at it again, it looks better.
We are blessed here and need to act on that.

Mel Beach said...

Fabulous quilting texture on your newest finish...and I totally didn't see the slightly different green until you pointed it out.

Ann said...

Thanks, Mel. I wanted to channel you and use more stitching designs but needed to get it in the mail.
Now that I've gotten used to using leftovers for binding I find I like the variations much better than all one fabric.

Stephie said...

I hadn't realised Folded Star was so large Ann, it's a wonderful finish! I love the way you did the quilting, the solids give you such a good opportunity to showcase your expertise. Oh and what another great trip you had! I love seeing the places you visit, it's a glimpse into a whole other world. You wouldn't think it would be so different, but your climate, landscape...make vernacular styles so different to home. Thank you for sharing, I'd love to be able to visit again one day :)

Ann said...

That's the way I feel when you show gorgeous photos of Cornwall. The sky is so different while the land is much greener than we're accustomed to here. It is a joy to have met kind quilters and gain insights into other lives and locales.

Tonya Ricucci said...

beautiful quilt and lovely quilting