Saturday, April 14, 2018

Making a Border or Another Quilt

My creative abilities drop off dramatically under stress. After making the center with large triangles all I could think of was small pinwheels and/or Chinese Coins. So I cut squares off the ends of some strips for pinwheels.

Generally the triangles were randomly matched. But sometimes the prints were just too busy. I like the pair on the left much better.

Potential pinwheel blocks
And then the comments came in. What wonderful ideas: scientific and mathematical equations, math symbols, purchasing a bit more of the Scientific Method fabric. How I wish I'd read these before cutting the triangles.

Sewing pinwheels

Sewing them together became slower and slower. As the pile of pinwheels grew, the border became less and less interesting. I laid them out as a single border...

Single pinwheel border on two sides
and as a double border

Double pinwheel border beginning
It looks like I need more whites and a few more black fabrics, too. And perhaps another stopper border.

But I'm still intrigued by Nann's idea of math symbols. So I'll set these aside and make addition and multiplication signs. And what about division and subtraction? Could they blend into a Coin border? Something to ponder.

I need to finish this quilt soon but am finding many paths to follow. Perhaps I'll buy some more fabric and make a small series. After all, these beautiful babies keep coming.

Enjoy the day, Ann


  1. Perhaps the coin strips would be a break between all the busy another border? Perhaps narrow coin strips (a small piano key effect?). This is a challenge for sure hugs,Julierose

    1. Yes, I've been thinking it needs the Coin border between these pinwheels. Perhaps the symbols will fit in that border. Or in the corners. Or... Thanks for the reminder, Julie Rose.

  2. Remember pi! Stars and Sunshine has a great pi paper pieced pattern. Here's the link: You could enlarge or shrink it to the size you need.

    1. Pi! How could I forget my favorite symbol. I think I even used it on a back once. I'll have to check. Thanks, Amy.

  3. The addition of more 'hot' colors just makes those pinwheels sing! Kind of reminds me of a Freddy Moran quilt already.:)

  4. I like the pinwheels, especially two deep, though agree that more black/white would look good. I also like all the ideas - Coins border, maths signs...maybe this is the start of a series, or at least asking to be more than one quilt.

  5. The double pinwheels I do like very much but yes, perhaps another border is needed. Stress sadly does impact on our creativity but I'm sure you'll suddenly hit on the way forward with these pinwheels.

  6. Looks great. I love all the brights! But the whites and blacks are a good idea!

  7. I like what I see here and I'm sure you'll hit your stride and come up with a great solution, Ann, like
    Maureen said.
    Sometimes design is slow for all kinds of reasons.
    Rayna Gilman in her book, 'Create your own Improv Quilts', says ' Good design is slow design.'
    You're certainly off to a good start.

  8. I like where you are going with this! I know what you mean about stress playing havoc with creativity. I just want to go home from work and hide under the covers.

  9. Your pinwheels are very cheery and I love the orange ones. I'm sorry that you, and your family, are dealing with this situation, one that is never, ever easy. Ann, I hope you will find a little tranquil time and soon find you're able to settle to some stitching therapy.



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