Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Nine Blocks

What God and good luck provide we must accept with gratitude. Our time is our time. It's up to us to make the most of it, make it amount to more than the sum of our days.
~ John McCain ~

What a wonderful precept: make our time amount to more than the sum of our days. It encourages me to think what I can do to make the world better than it was yesterday.

The fabric choices continue. I enjoy fussy-cutting the compass points when I have a large scale print...

although sometimes there isn't enough fabric {like the red compass in the bottom right.}

Even when I like the squares, there are still issues with those compass points. Currently I'm choosing between the dark red and the bright red blow.

In no particular order, here are the nine currently sewn. These are not quick blocks. It takes a couple of days for each one. Of course that includes changing out the fabrics almost every time.

Shadow Star quilt blocks

Figuring out how to best arrange the fabric is also a problem with Trip Around the World and other Trips. Do you have the same issue? I can easily see how strips look next to each other but once they are cut into squares, everything changes tremendously. I always want to rearrange something. So while I'm not working in units like Kaja, this is one of my versions of improvising.

If the blocks are sashed, the "disappearing star points" effect will still be featured. Almost as importantly, the points won't have to match up. Without sashing that effect will be lost as the points touch each other. Of course, sashing makes a lot more white. I'll need to think about posts {for the quilt, not the blog.}

And the compass centers. I don't want to add those until the layout is set. So the blocks aren't really done but they are coming along.

Enjoy the day, Ann


  1. The blocks are looking wonderful! I like the fussy cut star in the first picture with the orange plaid tips. The birds in the center spot are very cute. This is going to be such a beautiful quilt!

  2. This looks like a very complicated pattern, Ann--;000
    I like your color choices so far--especially 3rd on 2nd row on Right..I like that red a lot with the turquoise...beautiful work hugs, Julierose

  3. I'm in love with your blocks, Ann. You are my scrap quilting ideal. You make the disparate fabric prints harmonious! -Joni

  4. Your 'shadow star' blocks look amazing!

  5. Great piecing and attention to detail!
    You've got another encouraging quote, thank you.

  6. These blocks look incredibly hard. I done some pretty technical blocks and seeing the craftmanship needed to make these blocks is very impressive. Well done!!!

  7. very exciting!!! Great color placement

  8. Wow! These blocks are both stunning and technical to assemble!! That requires patience and persistence to the Nth degree. Kudos to you for getting this far. Can't wait to see how you lay them all out into another spectacular quilt top!

  9. Ann these blocks are amazing!! They're beautiful. I would agree with Mel that patient and persistence would be needed with these.
    Good for you !!

  10. I would say this is coming along really well and it's interesting to see how the colours work in each block. I guess you are learning quite a bit about colour placement as you go. You make me wish I had the patience for this sort of work.

  11. Oh my goodness these are gorgeous blocks with wonderful color combos. And I love how the two birds you have in the centers look like their tails are one of the star points. Not sure what that other center happens to be.

  12. These are wonderful looking blocks! I was positive that I had commented, but apparently my comment disappeared into the ether. I also so enjoy the way that you play with color and value. These really shine!

  13. Love to read about your decision process. But you do have a knack for choosing fabrics and colours. All a delight to look at.


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