Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Another Scrappy Baby Quilt

Wear a mask. It’s much more comfortable than the ventilator.
~Nicole Zeisig, M.D.


There's still a bunch more squares. Remember, the shoe box was full. So this time I'm making a Scrappy Trip although every square is laid out instead of making the blocks from strips. Funny. The box holds lots of bright green but very few reds. 

Scrappy Trip Around the World toddler quilt

Plus my sister sent me a few bits this spring. She was cleaning out her house for a remodel and my house was the "recycling bin." Haha. We often prefer different colors so this gave me a wider set of scraps.

My first arrangements were a mess. Sorry; no photos. Then it hit me that not every color goes next to every other… but many can be linked by the other choices we make. Does anyone else remember Jinny Beyer’s color studies? She created runs of different colors to connect her “main choices.” As she originally explained her process, each quilter developed her own fabric runs. Eventually, she partnered with a company to print many of her fabrics and sold a tool with a fan of most of them. Once that idea resurfaced, it was much easier to create groupings. 

This one pairs many of my sister’s scraps, like the magentas, with some almost virulently bright greens I purchased for some strange reason. We both had a range of turquoise as well as cream, white, grey, yellow, and softer greens. Some purples found a home. And a smidge of peaches fit in as well. Using colors out of my comfort zone and planning workable combinations was both enjoyable and a good exercise. Perhaps we should trade scraps with others occasionally to keep us sharp.


Beloved Beasts
by Michelle Nijhuis

Beloved Beasts traces the history of animal conservation and preservation from the late 19th century thru today. The movement started with taxidermy and often killed off species as it collected them. Many of the original groups were founded for sport and tried to keep poorer people from hunting. By highlighting pivotal scientists, Michelle explains the development of our current efforts to preserve the environment and our planet.

Enjoy the day, Ann