Monday, March 14, 2022

Happy Pi Day 2022

It's strange that one of the definitions of "empty" is: to remove from what holds or encloses. And one of its definitions of the word 'freedom" is: not bound or confined or detained by force.
~Dorothy Gilman

Happy Pi Day! Every year more and more schools and companies celebrate this odd little holiday. Two friends told me their companies started this year with free pizzas and pie for lunch.

Here are the circles I finished this year. Most are one I worked on last year. At least they are now done.

The Wheel quilt is on the guest bed...

Wheel quilt

while Shadow Star is the summer quilt on our bed.

Shadow Star quilt

There are a few circles in the improv String Tulip quilt, too.

String Tulip 3 quilt 

The only other circles are the Os in some baby word quilts and they don't look much like circles.  Nevertheless, here are LOVE

LOVE baby quilt


HOPE baby quilt

and HOGS.

HOGS baby quilt

This year is so upended I have no plans for future work. Just sewing when time permits. Stay safe and have fun today.

Enjoy the day, Ann

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