Tuesday, April 12, 2022

A Hidden Message Baby Quilt

In stripping time of its illusions, in seeking to find out what is the heart of the day, we come to the quality of the moment, and drop the duration altogether. It is the depth at which we live and not at all the surface extension that imports.


It's not a hidden message if you're a Razorback fan like my son. WPS stands for Woo Pig Sooie, the chant used by fans at sporting events. The original suggestion was WPS! but once I realized OOIE created its own quadrant, it made perfect sense to add that to the fourth block instead of an exclamation point. 

These are the same fabrics as the two previous Arkansas baby quilts because I calmed myself by sewing long columns this winter. Now they need to be sewn into something. And the same fabrics accepted fugitive dye when they were first washed... even with color catchers. 

WPSooie baby quilt

The back is another half yard of pig fabric from my sister. She goes hog-wild when I ask for her help. ;-)
And the red and white is the last of that yardage from her stash. 

Back of WPSooie baby quilt

The binding was supposed to be red but my remaining bits didn't look right. Then I pulled some black and white prints. Most were too strong but this funky print with large-scale telephone poles and wires worked very well. Since it languished in my stash for several years, I'm delighted to find the perfect place to use it... and use it up.

Detail of WPSooie baby quilt, folded

Quilt Specifics
Size: 46" x 46"
Design: Coin or String quilt
Batting: Mountain Mist Cream Rose cotton batting
Thread: Superior 50 wt white cotton thread
Quilting: Spiral with walking foot
Approximate yardage: 5.5 yds


Stamped from the Beginning by Ibram Kendi explains another side of American history - how racism persists through the years. He notes that every group of humans contains good and bad, diligent and lazy, smart and dull. And then he explains the moving targets set up by racism that keep people from obtaining equality. It seems to me that the most pernicious idea is that Blacks need to improve themselves to become worthy.

Enjoy the day, Ann

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