Tuesday, July 5, 2022

AHIQ Prompt July 2022: Sun

Even after all this time
The sun never says to the earth
"You owe me."
Look what happens with a love like that
It lights the whole sky
~Daniel Ladinsky, "Even After All This Time"


I posted this on AHIQ but wanted to add it here, too. 

Our family is already anticipating the solar eclipse that crosses Texas in 2024. Since some of them live in the path of totality, there's a place to easily visit and view. With my mind stuck on sun and eclipse not to mention sunrise, sunset, sunshine... SUN seems like a possible prompt.

How to start?Use the color or a traditional block including medallions, rising sun, and a galaxy of star blocks. Songs and quotes often include the sun. Some of my favorites include: 

    Peter Pan is the sun and the moon and the stars!
    Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy.
    It's gonna be a bright, bright sunshiny day. 

Whether you create a paean to our bright, particular star; segue off a traditional design; or simply grab your yellows, Here Comes the Sun!  "It's been a long, cold lonely winter." Let's make some time for joy. #AHIQSun is the tag so we can all follow your work. 

Join the celebration!


High Conflict fortuitously came to my notice this spring. Amanda exposes some of the ways conflict escalates into us vs them / good vs evil and how we can work our way out of the morass. She draws on different groups worldwide to highlight the forces that encourage conflict, including conflict entrepreneurs, humiliation, and false binaries. 

Reigniting curiosity, wonder, and a sense of community with former opponents helps cut the outrage and blame in which high conflict thrives. While our opinions may not change, our ability to live respectfully  with others of differing viewpoints increases. I encourage everyone to read it.

Enjoy the day, Ann


  1. Looks like an interesting book. So many conflicts these days. Thanks for the recommendation.

    1. Her research was thorough although her writing style is a bit difficult for me to follow.

  2. I like a prompt that lets me make a summery quilt in the summer - great idea!

    1. How do we feel about it now that we're both in historic heat waves? Yikes.

  3. Now "Sunshine came softly through my window today..." is in my head. Great idea for a quilt theme.

    1. I love that song, too. So many memorable songs about the sun.