Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Palette and Scrap Bag Leftovers

If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous he will not bite you. 
This is the principle difference between a dog and a man.
~Mark Twain


This quilt began with leftovers from the Palette prompt. I added more of the brighter strips from my scrap bag. I am determined to empty that bag... again. How does it refill so quickly?

Now to sew the blocks together and quilt it.

The last few weeks have been focused on sorting the kitchen drawers. Many gadgets were tossed... after putting them in time out for a few months to decide if they'd be missed. I measured and photographed drawers, dumped all the gadgets in a bag, and headed out.

The first drawer was easy since the utensils were already separated. They just need dividers. 

The next two drawers were a bit more difficult. These are they after much culling. So many medium-sized tools.

Drawers before

The store has planning shelves like rotary mats where measurements are marked. Arranging the boxes and checking that the tools would fit inside was easy then. 

Drawers after

More drawers remain but I want to see how this works first. And, yes, I discarded one of those scissors. 


Nann beat me to this book which I've had on hold several months. Elizabeth Zott's chemistry career detours when she starts hosting a TV cooking show. Despite advice/orders from the producers, she does it her way. 

This is Bonnie Garmus' debut novel but I can't wait to read more from her.

Enjoy the day, Ann


Julierose said...

Your leftover blocks came together really well--what a pretty combo of colors...hugs, Julierose

patty a. said...

Another very pretty group of blocks! I haven't had time to work on my scraps, but at least my UFOs are getting done.

Pamela said...

Gorgeous use of your scraps!

audrey said...

I think adding the brighter strips helps this feel more line an 'Ann' quilt though I loved the more subdued look too. I am finally starting to put together a stack of fabric for the previous prompt. Just couldn't gain any traction on that challenge for the longest time!

Ann said...

Thanks, Julie Rose. After mulling it over so many months, it came together quickly. Now I wish I'd added some applique but my hands aren't complying with that.

Ann said...

I spend too much time in my scraps and not enough in my stash. But both are being whittled down. Shh. Don't mention UFOs. Officially I don't have any. Hahaha.

Ann said...

It was a fun prompt that made me really look at a photo and pull the colors. Thanks for writing, Pamela. I hope Japan is not quite as hot and dry as we are here.

Ann said...

You've finished so many older prompts, and beautifully, too. Such an inspiration. I'm trying to tone down some of the colors these days so your comment made me laugh. Thanks.

Kaja said...

You are so good at using your scraps. I am building up to a project to use all my odds and ends before they engulf me, but I can't imagine it will be as coherent and lovely as this.

Ann said...

Oh, golly. I have some bits and bobs, too. Many can be incorporated into string blocks but some will need their own quilt. I'd better get busy.
These look good because I picked and chose from all the scraps. Just wait. They get less coherent with time.

Preeti said...

I just recently finished listening to "Lessons in Chemistry". LOVED it and have been going around recommending it. Six Thirty stole my heart.

Ann said...

I thought you'd have read it, too. We have similar tastes and opinions. It was quite a bit different than I expected. A pleasant surprise.