Monday, March 18, 2013

I'll Give You a Daisy a Day

Bright red ladybug rests on the white petal of a daisy in this original art quilt.
A Daisy a Day quilt top

What a beautiful day for a bicycle ride through the blossoming trees! When I ride my bike I can hear the birds warble, watch the water dance down the creek and smell all the goodness of the earth. I've found a spot where the mallard and his mate love to dunk their heads searching for goodies on the shallow bottom.

I had to sew some of the joy of spring into my current quilt. Using Leah Day's Flowing Leaves, I've finished most of the background of my daisy quilt. I don't think I'll quilt so heavily on the daisies; I'm still working that part out in my mind.

Intricate, small leaves stitched in royal blue thread on the back of this quilt.
Free-motion quilting
Fret not; enjoy the day.



Unknown said...

How lovely and creative! The quilt just makes you feel like spring!

Ann said...

Thank you