Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Wave That Never Was

Ocean Waves should have been finished a while ago. It was intended to be a wedding present. The couple planned the wedding for more than a year and I started the quilt in time but... Someone who wore white kept changing her mind. Naming no names, mind you.

First she wanted all pastels. I cut triangles. Then perhaps not so many pastels. I replaced triangles. Could I use fewer pinks? I made more triangles. What about teal and brown? More triangles. Are we seeing a pattern here? She wanted a soft blue center square. No, not that fabric. Not that one either. The third choice (which I'd pieced in fourteen blocks) wasn't quite right. That's when I put it aside.

Ocean Wave blocks with the wrong blue centers.

After the wedding I picked up some excellent muslin and recommenced piecing. I vowed not to show it until every stitch was done. Oops; I forgot. Guess what? She loves it but... They're planning to buy a larger bed. Will the quilt fit it? I hope so; the top was 102" square but will probably shrink from all the quilting.

I agree with the lady in white. This light blue center doesn't make it... although it might be a good choice for a baby quilt.

Fret not; enjoy the wedding. The quilt can wait.



Unknown said...

Boy does that story sound familiar to me! That's one reason I no longer make wedding quilts. I love making baby quilts and I make them my way, not the way the parents might want them, but the babies love the bright colors because they can't see pastels and I put a little loop in one of the corners just big enough for a baby to put a finger in. All the mothers I have made quilts for say their kids love them, but they love the loop the best of all. When they get in bed they keep turning the quilt until they find the corner with the loop, stick a finger in it and go right to sleep! One nine year old niece has refused the offer of me making her a "big girl" quilt for her bed because she still sleeps with her baby quilt and says that is all she will ever want! Adults are too picky--kids just love what you make for them. They have never heard of the quilt police, bless their loving hearts!

Ann said...

I love your loop idea. How clever of you! I will remember to add one to future kid quilts.