Monday, April 8, 2013

What's the Center of Attention?

The next packet in the shoebox contained 25 khaki-and-white nine patches. At one time our bee exchanged blocks and I suggested these. Trading innocuous blocks (you know, the ones that don't look like much) might let everyone branch further in their individual styles. What could be more low-key than khaki? No one else liked the idea and the blocks went in the shoebox.

Simple khaki and white nine-patches on point alternate with dark red and chartreuse hourglasses to create the design of this quilt. A chartreuses and dark green inner border is followed by a dark brown outer border.
Nine-Patch Hourglass Lap Quilt
There was just enough dark red to make this lap quilt. I enlarged the 4.5" nine-patches with four red triangles and added alternate hourglass blocks. Chartreuse is the complement of the dark red. A couple of the nine patches have the greatest value contrast, but the eye focuses on the second most value contrast - the red/chartreuse areas - because it's larger. Sometimes the original block doesn't need to be the center of attention. I like the red lozenge shape and the chartreuse stretched stars.

Feathers, parallel lines, and stippling are highlighted in this quilt detail.
Detail of machine quilting
The border is flying geese but my first version looked a bit different. When I sketched this design on graph paper (yes, I still use the stuff) it looked great. It looked okay when pieced. But when I snapped a photo before quilting, it looked horrible. The longer I looked at the corners the worse they appeared. It had to be ripped out and replaced. Small change; big difference; worth the trouble.

Sketches I made for the quilting designs in the chartreuse hourglass and flying geese. Given the contrasting colors and values in this traditional styled quilt, I chose to change thread color too. I quilted a black feather in the outer border. It's not visible at all and was so hard to see while quilting that I turned the quilt over and quilted from the back.

The quilting thread is Metler Fine Embroidery and the batt is Mountain Mist Cream Rose, a lightweight batt very suitable for warm climates.

Fret not; enjoy the day.


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Elita@Busy Needle Quilting said...

Wow Ann! I love what you did with those seemingly "innocuous" transformed them into great foundations for the bigger sections. Very well done! I like the quilting as well and can only imagine the difficulty quilting the border. Glad you got it sorted!

Lorna McMahon said...

Great job, Ann. You sure know how to bring out the best in a simple block!

Ann said...

Thank you. I remember reading that one of Nancy Crow's quilters declared, 'No more black fabric, too hard on the eyes'. I feel the same way!

Ann said...

Thanks! I'm glad you like it.