Saturday, May 25, 2013

Part Piece/Part Applique T-shirt Block

Like Goldilocks and the Three Bears, some t-shirts are too large, some are too small and some are just right. The "just right" ones are easy; you know what to do. But what about the others?

If they're too small, use several to make one block. I sandwiched three narrow logos below. After each is stabilized with fusible interfacing, cut them generously. Because they are so thick I use a half inch seam allowance when sewing two knits together. Trim the new block to the correct size afterwards.

It's really fun when they are too big! Piece and applique the shirt. Draw the normal finished size on the back with washable marker. Then sketch where you want the seam around the extended part. Carefully cut the normal (pieced) section with its seam allowance and hand cut around the extension (applique.) Pin to the sashing and sew as much of the block as possible.

Piece the rest of the quilt as usual including the other blocks, sashing & posts. It will look like a regular top except for some unsewn places. Press the top.

Carefully cut the shirt to the end of the sewing line.

Cut carefully to the point where the sewing line ended

Turn the quilt so the top faces up. Gently pull the unsewn portion to the front and pin in place.

Check that the quilt is flat. Check again! Machine applique the t-shirt flap to the sashing using zig-zag or blanket stitch.

A little of both? The photo at the top contains my two favorite shirts. This grumpy, little, cigar-chomping angel always makes me laugh. Since both designs were narrow I sewed them together. But look carefully. The heart point is appliquéd into the top of the Mother's Day shirt. Then the angel is appliquéd to the sashing. Double the fun.

I'd love to see what you create! Let me know if you use this idea.

Fret not; enjoy the day.


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