Saturday, May 4, 2013

Progress on Scrap Log Cabin

The border is finished - little triangles left from Ocean Waves and this project. I love to run out of fabric and keep the scrap bag small!

With so many logs (and seams) straight line quilting seemed the best choice. Originally I'd planned to stitch diagonally but then remembered an antique log cabin with spiral quilting. Each block is quilted in a squared off spiral to the center. I started with the outer (longest) log and worked in until each log was quilted once. If I'd started on the inside of the outer log I would have caught the seam allowances better. This way may be more dimensional.

Next is binding. Here are my choices.

Binding choices: Green1, yellow, green2

Binding choices: Red, green3, brown

Red is a perennial favorite but I'm leaning towards green3. The bits of red, yellow and white in the print look good with this quilt; it's dark enough to wear better with a toddler too. What do you think?

Fret not; enjoy the day.


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