Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Model T... T-Shirt, That Is

T-shirt quilts are highly individual but here's my basic plan, subject to all types of variation. A three by four grid of twelve-inch blocks with 3-inch sashing and a 4.5 inch border finishes 57 inches by 72 inches. I like wide sashing for three reasons: it adds color, it allows room for part-pieced/part-appliqued blocks and it gives more placement options for small applique pieces.

Twelve t-shirts with red sashing, blue posts and a border of multi-colored Texas Mink fringe.
University of Texas Delta Gamma t-shirt quilt
  • The sashing needs 31 rectangles cut 3.5" by 12.5". I buy 1.25 yards.
  • There are 20 posts cut 3.5" square. I buy a quarter yard or a fat quarter.
The sashing can be wider or narrower. Sashing on the pastel quilt in the Texas Mink post is much wider to include an entire bird while that on the Grumpy Cupid is slightly narrower (the width of one repeat.) Changing the size of the t-shirt blocks also changes the length of the sashing.

Borders with Texas Mink are 4.5" wide. Since the Mink covers the underlying fabric a pieced, un-mitered border will not be noticed. I buy 1.25 yards and cut seven strips the width of the 40" fabric. If you use a stripe or you don't want the lengths pieced you will need to buy more.

Default layout of t-shirt quilt. Border is not this wide.

Fret not; enjoy the day.


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